• Doxology: The Goal of Theology Devotional

    Ephesians 3:20-21

    Knowing about the Lord is pointless without worship and praise. After all, the Devil knows far more about God than we do, and yet this knowledge gives him no benefit because he refuses to bow the knee in humble adoration (James 2:19). Let us continually ask ourselves whether our study of theology is making us more arrogant and eager to pick fights with those less knowledgeable, or if it is making us worship the Lord in humility. View Resource

  • Now to Him Devotional

    Jude 24–25

    God’s ability to keep His people from falling away is a source of profound comfort to believers. However, we must not think we can be passive with respect to our salvation. Though our efforts do not merit God’s favor, His preserving work is demonstrated as we pursue Christ and His Law. Consider today any persistent sin with which you are dealing. Seek accountability with a close friend so you may overcome it, and ask others to pray for you in this matter. View Resource

  • A Sacrifice of Praise Devotional

    Hebrews 13:15

    In light of the great sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf, the appropriate response is one of worship and praise. As we glorify God, we are strengthened; and we testify to the reality that one day, all of creation will worship Him. As you go about your day today, take time to offer up sacrifices of praise to the Lord. View Resource

  • Singing Praises to God Devotional

    Exodus 15:1–21

    Read the song of Moses out loud. Imagine what it would have been like to sing this on the shore of the Red Sea just after God divided the waters and then destroyed the Egyptian army. Do you sense the joy and delight in the words? Read it out loud again if you have time. Praise God in this song, that your heard might be stirred. View Resource

  • From Praise to Praise Devotional

    Romans 11:11–36

    This principal, “To Him are all things,” is critical for our understanding. Remember that the great expanse of the universe, the intricacy and design of creation, the panoramic scope of history, even the great plan of redemption all find their ultimate meaning and significance not in the pleasure of man, but as they glorify God. View Resource