• Greetings From Paul’s Associates Devotional

    Romans 16:21-24

    Today’s passage shows us yet again that even the Apostles had valued coworkers in ministry and depended on others for their efforts. Indeed, this is how the Lord has made us—to rely on each other for fellowship and for assistance in ministry and in pleasing Him. There is no such thing as a healthy “lone ranger” Christian. We need each other, and as we share in the family of the saints, we all benefit. View Resource

  • Paul’s Appeal for Prayer Devotional

    Romans 15:30-32

    It is easy to strive in prayer for ourselves, for we feel our sufferings and we have an experiential understanding of the urgency of our needs. We find it much harder to strive in prayer for others because we do not have this experiential connection. We are not in their shoes. That is why we should work hard to empathize with others in their needs, for as we get a stronger sense of what is necessary for them, we are better able to pray for others with all perseverance. View Resource

  • In the Fullness of Christ’s Blessing Devotional

    Romans 15:28-29

    In our ministry to one another, we should eagerly desire the fullness of the blessing of Christ. We should long to see Him work through us and to receive His refreshment through the work of others. As we pray to that end and seek to work according to biblical principles, we will see this blessing. May we be in constant prayer for the fullness of the blessing of Christ, and may we endeavor to be faithful to Him in all things. View Resource

  • Our Debt to the Jews Devotional

    Romans 15:25-27

    As Gentile Christians, we owe a great debt to the old covenant community and the Jewish people. God chose them as the first recipients of His special revelation. He saves the world through a Messiah who is of Jewish ethnicity. Jewish Apostles wrote the vast majority of the New Testament (Luke-Acts being the exception) and preached the gospel to the Gentiles. Let us not forget that debt, and let us seek to “repay” it by supporting Christian ministry to the Jewish people. View Resource

  • En Route to Rome Devotional

    Romans 15:22-24

    As long as our intentions and plans are for godly ends, it is right and perfectly wise to look ahead and chart out an anticipated course of action. However, we must always remember that we are not in final control of our lives and that God in His providence may redirect us or keep some of our plans from coming to pass. In such cases, as in all circumstances in life, we must trust in the Lord’s wisdom and humbly submit to His will. View Resource

  • Paul’s Ambition Devotional

    Romans 15:20-21

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage, “Paul then was a preacher of Christ, yet unknown to foreign nations, for this end—that after his departure the same doctrine should be daily proclaimed in every place by the mouth of the pastors.” Paul’s calling was to plant churches and move on, but he and the other Apostles never truly left them behind. Instead, the Apostolic doctrine was the foundation for all subsequent ministry. May it continue to be so in our local churches. View Resource

  • What Christ Did through Paul Devotional

    Romans 15:17-19

    We can take godly pride in serving the Lord successfully when we recognize that we have been only instruments in the Lord’s hand, instruments of His work and not ultimately the workers ourselves. Because we are God’s instruments, our goal is to be faithful. He produces fruit through us; we do not give the growth (1 Cor. 3:6). We live faithfully by working hard unto the God and by trusting Him to accomplish His purposes, and not trusting in our efforts. View Resource