• The Key of the Gospel Devotional

    John 3:31–36

    Preachers open and close the door to the kingdom not by their own authority but by the authority of God’s Word. As they faithfully preach the gospel, they open up the way of salvation and call people to follow this way into the kingdom through faith in Jesus Christ. But if they do not preach the gospel, they keep the door closed and the way of salvation hidden to unbelievers. We must therefore encourage our pastors as they preach the gospel. View Resource

  • Finding Your Identity Devotional

    Give thanks that you are part of the body of Christ, the elect, the people of God. View Resource

  • The Pastor’s Priorities Devotional

    1 Timothy 4:13

    Without even knowing it, our expectations can be part of the problem in the church’s lack of focus on teaching in our day. When we choose churches based simply on the extent of their youth activities or the style of music, we are implicitly saying that the quality of the teaching and the faithfulness of the pastor to biblical preaching are not all that important. Whatever we expect of our preacher, let us expect him first of all to feed us the Word of God. View Resource

  • The Perils of Telling the Truth Devotional

    Galatians 4:15–17

    Matthew Henry offers this caution: “Ministers sometimes create enemies to themselves by the faithful discharge of their duty. Yet ministers must not forbear speaking the truth, for fear of offending others.” Pastors and leaders must love their people well, but this love is not authentic if it comes at the expense of the truth. Let us listen carefully to our pastors’ rebukes from the pulpit and not gossip about them when we do not like what they say. View Resource

  • The Willing Sheperd Devotional

    1 Peter 5:1–3

    Today’s passage is addressed primarily to the elders of the church. So if you are one, make sure you lovingly look after the people under your care, even when they are unlovable. We can also apply this teaching to those who are not ordained. Are you a parent and have children for which to care? Perhaps you are a teacher or employer? Whatever authority you may have, shepherd those under you eagerly and gently just like Jesus shepherds you. View Resource

  • The Need for Missionaries Devotional

    Romans 10:13–17

    Is your pastor all you’d like him to be? Can it be that the reason he is not is that his people aren’t interceding for him, protecting him from the fierce assaults and subtle seductions of the demonic realm? If you’d like to see some improvement in the pastoral ministry in your local church, the place to start working for it is on your knees. View Resource

  • Letters to Corinth Devotional

    1 Corinthians 3:1-10

    Those who seek to have Christ as Savior only are the “wood, hay, and straw.” They will be burned up, because they have torn up the church by their carnal behavior. Read this chapter. If it applies, correct your ways before it is too late. Ensure that you are among the “gold, silver, and jewels.” View Resource