• Neither New nor Orthodox Devotional

    Matthew 22:37–38

    The so-called battle for the bible is not yet over. We continue to see people cast doubt on the veracity of Scripture, often in the name of helping unbelievers come to faith in Christ. but if we win people to a low view of Scripture, we will win them to a low view of the Savior who has inspired Scripture. May we remain firm in our conviction that the bible is God’s Word, and may we defend it in a way that honors Christ. View Resource

  • The Neo-Orthodox View Devotional

    Matthew 4:1-11

    Just because humans can err does not mean they must or will err in every situation. It is not a necessary part of the human condition. We can all pass spelling and simple math tests. If Barth were right, he would have to be wrong, as he too is human. Thank God for His error-free Word and for the mind He gave you. View Resource