• Our AllŠ-Knowing, All-ŠSeeing Lord Devotional

    Psalm 139:1–12

    There is a point of contact between our knowledge and God’s knowledge. Both we and God, for example, know that the statement “two plus two equals four” is a true statement, that it corresponds to reality. However, the Lord understands perfectly how this truth fits into all other truths about the creation. This is possible only for an infinite being. God is infinitely greater than we are, so let us take care not to think of Him as being exactly like us. View Resource

  • God is Everywhere Devotional

    Jeremiah 23:23–24

    The doctrine of ubiquity or omnipresence has several practical benefits for the Christian. First, we are assured that the Lord is faithful to be with us and sustain us even when we feel like we are far away from Him. Also, if He seems far off from us, it may be that He is disciplining us because of our sin, and so we should examine ourselves to see if we need to repent. Take some time to look at yourself today and repent of any sin, knowing that He is always present. View Resource