• The Prophetic Hope Fulfilled Devotional

    Luke 1:5–17

    John the Baptist was the last prophet of the old covenant even though his story is told in what we commonly call the New Testament. Jesus tells us that John was the greatest prophet of the old covenant, but greater still is the least one who has seen the inauguration of the kingdom (Matt. 11:11). Our Savior is the Davidic king and fulfillment of the prophets. We must trust Him to bring all the prophetic promises to pass, for He will surely do it (1 Thess. 5:24). View Resource

  • Worship in Jerusalem Devotional

    Zechariah 14:10–21

    When Christ returns to consummate history, there will be no one left who tries to rely on his own efforts or foreign gods for redemption. Even those who are finally cast into hell will be forced to acknowledge that He alone is Lord and that He alone can save. Today, as we trust in Jesus alone for salvation, we join this group that will worship the Lord for eternity, content in His provision. Let us seek Him alone to meet all of our needs now and forever. View Resource

  • Jerusalem without Boundaries Devotional

    Zechariah 2

    Part of the assurance given to God’s people in today’s passage is that we are “the apple of his eye” (Zech. 2:8). The Lord loves us so deeply and thoroughly that He will not let those who impenitently rise up against us finally get away with it. God never forgets His children, so even when we are suffering the worst kind of harassment, He sees it and will set it right in the end. Let us be confident in the Lord’s love for us even in the midst of our trouble. View Resource

  • The Word of God through Haggai Devotional

    Haggai 1:1

    Only if God is thoroughly active in everything that ever happens can we be confident that He has an actual purpose for everything that occurs. From the acts of the greatest generals in history to the seemingly inconsequential casting of a stone into the sea, all that we see and experience occurs according to God’s perfect plan and wise governance. The little details of life really do matter. Why? Because they matter enough to the Lord for Him to work in and through them. View Resource

  • Deborah Devotional

    Judges 4–5

    Most of us would likely be considered ordinary people who will never make the history books. From a human perspective, we may not seem all that “great.” Yet from God’s perspective, ordinary is what we want to be. He brings about His will through the instrumentality of ordinary people making ordinary decisions such as the best way to teach their children the Bible or how they can reach their next-door neighbor with the gospel. The Lord uses the ordinary to do the extraordinary. View Resource

  • God Withdraws His Revelation Devotional

    Amos 8

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage about God’s withdrawal of His Word: “When we abuse God’s bounty, our ingratitude deserves this recompense.” God is long-suffering and kind, but He will not forever send His Word to people who will not hear it. He will take it from nations and peoples who refuse it and turn them over to falsehood. Let us pray that such would never happen to us, and may we always be quick to relish the privilege of hearing His Word. View Resource

  • God Creates the Universe Devotional

    Genesis 1:1–2:3

    What informs your understanding of the world around you? Do you seek meaning and value from the surrounding culture or do you look to God’s Word to give you these things? The worldview of the cultures in which we live can powerfully shape our understanding of what is good, true, and beautiful, but Scripture is to judge which of these beliefs are true and which are false. Let us look to God’s Word to define the meaning and purpose for our lives. View Resource

  • For Our Instruction Devotional

    1 Corinthians 10:1-12

    What is your attitude toward the Old Testament? Do you treasure it as the very Word of the living God? Do you avoid reading it because you find its stories and laws perplexing at times? Are you hungry to learn about what it teaches so that you can better understand the fulfillment of God’s plan in Christ Jesus? Take some time to pray today that the Spirit would give you insight into the Old Testament as we embark on our study this year. View Resource

  • Emulating the Model of Worship Devotional

    In your devotional time today, try some of the forms of praise and worship described in Psalm 150. View Resource

  • Harden Not Your Hearts Devotional

    Hebrews 3:7–10a

    Many Christians think that the Old Testament is irrelevant to their lives. However, the New Testament teaches that the events of the Old Testament are examples for us so that we may avoid evil (1 Cor. 10:6). Hebrews 3:7–19 is a direct example of this. Study the Old Testament as diligently as you study the New so that you may avoid evil. View Resource