• El Shaddai Devotional

    Job 38–42

    It is not necessarily wrong to question what the Lord is doing as long as we are not sinfully demanding that He justify Himself. Nevertheless, we should be silent before Him far more often than we ask questions of Him. God alone sees the entire picture and knows the end from the beginning, so we should trust that His power is working to accomplish good purposes for us. Do we question Him more than we are in silent awe before Him? View Resource

  • Savior Devotional

    Romans 5:9

    Salvation is indeed salvation from sin, but we only need to be saved from sin because God is holy. Without a righteous Creator, there is no law to violate, and we would not need to be rescued from His wrath. But the Lord’s holiness mandates eternal death as our just desserts. In Christ, the Father satisfied the demands of His justice, enabling us to be free from condemnation. We have been saved from God’s wrath! Praise Him today for His mercy. View Resource

  • Yahweh Devotional

    Exodus 3

    Take a moment to think about how you have changed over the years. Perhaps you are stronger or weaker today than you were ten years ago. Maybe you have progressed in your sanctification so that you repent quickly and love readily. Can it be that you have abandoned the lustful passions that characterized your pre-Christian life? Though we change in our abilities and characters, our Father does not. He alone provides a secure foundation for all of life. View Resource

  • The Names of God Devotional

    Genesis 2:18–25

    Liberal theologians have long attempted to replace the God of the Bible with names and concepts that tend to overemphasize either His immanence or His transcendence. Even many so-called evangelicals have become culpable in this matter. Take time today to consider what it means for God to reveal His name to us. Remember to address Him in the ways given to us in sacred Scripture and understand that He is Lord of all and present among His people. View Resource