• Mercy On All Devotional

    Romans 11:30-32

    John Calvin comments that “there is no reason why they who have a hope of salvation should despair of others; for whatever [Christians] may now be, they have been like all the rest. If [believers] have emerged from unbelief through God’s mercy alone, they ought to leave place for it as to others also.” The Lord shows mercy to all kinds of people, so we must never think that someone is beyond the reach of God’s grace. Let us not be surprised when He saves sinners. View Resource

  • God’s Sovereign Mercy Devotional

    Romans 9:14-16

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary Romans: “If grace is owed, it is not grace. The very essence of grace is its voluntary character. God reserves to Himself the sovereign, absolute right to give grace to some and withhold that grace from others.” If we demand that God show grace, we misunderstand grace. Only when we are clear that grace is free can we know that we are wholly undeserving of salvation, and only then can we be truly thankful that the Lord has redeemed us. View Resource

  • God’s Mercy Toward the Wicked Devotional

    Ezekiel 33:1–20

    Ezekiel could not win with his original audience. They started out as fatalists who believed that the exile meant God had no desire to forgive them. Then, when Ezekiel told them that they were wrong and that the Lord did indeed want to pardon them, the people said it would not be just for God to do so. Clearly, their hearts were hard. If we are not careful, our hearts can get hard as well. Let us remember that the Lord is eager to forgive the repentant and is just when He does so. View Resource

  • The Just Mercy of the Lord Devotional

    Ezekiel 18

    God does not visit the sins of our parents upon us if we repent and turn from them. That is, we only bear the wages of our parents’ sins if we make these sins our own. The Lord is pleased to show mercy to His people when they forsake their wickedness and turn to Him, so we must never think that something we or our parents have done in the past can prevent our Father from forgiving us today—if we seek Him with all of our hearts. View Resource

  • Mercy Amidst Judgment Devotional

    Jeremiah 4:5–31

    God swore by Himself to bless the world through Abraham (Gen. 12:1–3; 15), imposing a self-obligation to save humanity that He cannot violate lest He be unfaithful to His covenant oath. In saving the world from sin, however, the Lord does not have to save every person. We know that He has sovereignly chosen to pass over some for salvation, and these show themselves by their failure to repent. But if we repent, we are part of the remnant whom the Lord saves by grace alone through faith alone. View Resource

  • The Lord of Grace, Mercy, and Justice Devotional

    Isaiah 30:18

    God must give us new hearts if we are to repent (Eph. 2:8–10). But once these hearts are ours, we must turn to Him for salvation both from His wrath and our enemies. He will deliver us if we patiently trust in Him. John Calvin writes that those “who allow themselves to be hurried away by impatience, and do not repent of their crimes and their wickedness, are wretched and miserable, and will at length perish; for without hope in God there can be no salvation or happiness.” View Resource

  • The Lord’s Tender Compassion Devotional

    Hosea 11:8–12

    We must be profoundly grateful for the grace of God, for it means He does not give up on those whom He loves even though we do much every day that should prompt Him to abandon us. This is a great comfort indeed, and it should motivate us to love and obey Him all the more out of thankfulness for His great grace. As we meditate on the Lord’s grace and love, let us be inspired to show love in return, for He is a good God indeed. View Resource

  • Jonah’s Anger Devotional

    Jonah 4

    Jonah’s depression over the death of a plant (Jonah 4:5–9), Dr. R.C. Sproul tells us, means that the prophet cared more about plants than about people. Jonah forgot that no sinner deserves God’s forgiveness—even a prophet of God Almighty—and wanted to withhold the possibility of pardon from those he deemed unfit for the kingdom. But we are all unfit for the kingdom, so we should long for the Lord to save others just as He has saved us. View Resource

  • Justice Satisfied in Another Devotional

    Romans 8:3–4

    The hymn “Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness” reminds us that for every believer in Jesus, His blood “a full atonement made.” We can trust the Lord because He is just and always fulfills His promises, even His promise to punish sinners with the fullness of His wrath, and we know He fulfills His promises because in Jesus He poured out His full wrath on the sin of His people. Truly, He is a great, trustworthy God who is worthy of our love and loyalty. View Resource

  • The Living God’s Righteous Hands Devotional

    Hebrews 10:30–31

    When talking to unbelievers, we can point out that Christianity alone believes in God’s justice and holy hatred of sin. As long as the adherents of other faiths maintain that our good works can make up for sin and that God does not absolutely punish the sins of His followers, their deities have no true detestation for wickedness. On the other hand, we believe in a God who shows mercy to His people but also renders infinite justice on their transgressions in Christ. View Resource

  • The Lord’s Great Mercy Devotional

    Psalm 103:8–12

    After years of walking as Christians, it can be easy for us to take the mercy and grace of God for granted. Returning again to our sin and repenting for offending the Lord can help us stay aware of His goodness, love, grace, and mercy. We should be reflecting daily on the ways in which we still fall short of God’s glory and asking for forgiveness. Then, we should confess our sins to God and throw ourselves on His sure mercy in Christ Jesus. View Resource

  • Blessed are the Merciful Devotional

    Matthew 5:7

    Mercy does not deny that wrong has been done or make light of sin. Instead, mercy is forgiveness and patience extended to someone despite the fact that the person deserves only justice. This is an important principle in a day when many confuse mercy with winking at justice and righteousness. Let us never ignore justice, but may we also be quick to show mercy to those who have sinned against us and ask for our forgiveness. View Resource

  • The Richness of God’s Mercy Devotional

    Ephesians 2:4-7

    As the sovereign, independent Creator, God is not obligated to save anyone, to show goodness and mercy toward sinners who deserve only condemnation. Since we are not autonomous but are governed by God’s law, however, He can demand that we show mercy to others, not least those who sin against us. Since we are obligated to imitate God, we should desire to imitate our Savior’s mercy (Luke 23:34; Eph. 5:1; Jude 23). View Resource

  • Righteousness and Mercy Devotional

    Matthew 5:6–7

    Our passion for righteousness and mercy is one way we can measure our fervor for the Lord. There are innumerable ways we can pursue both of these actions. Thus, we are unable to complain to God that there have been no opportunities today or any other day to follow Christ and show mercy. Find one way you can show mercy today, perhaps by extending forgiveness to someone who has wronged you or by giving time or resources to the poor. View Resource

  • Tender Mercies Devotional

    Psalm 51:1–3

    If you have asked the Lord to have mercy on you in Christ and forgive you of your sin, then He has washed you clean (1 John 1:8–9). Moreover, we must imitate God (Eph. 5:1) and be merciful to all those who have wronged us and have sought our forgiveness. Consider whether there is someone against whom you are harboring a grudge. Ask God to help you cast off that burden and do what you can never to bring his sin up again. View Resource