• Protecting the Work of God Devotional

    Romans 14:20–21

    Christian freedom carries with it the heavy responsibility of never using our freedom in a way that harms tender consciences, and the duty never to impose our personal scruples regarding indifferent matters on others. Besides studying God’s Word, one of the best ways to fulfill these duties is to seek to understand those who differ with us and why they take their view. In so doing, we build one another up and come to a better grasp of what the Lord has to say on these matters. View Resource

  • Preserving Christ’s Sheep Devotional

    Romans 14:15–16

    Christians who choose not to exercise their liberty before immature believers need not do the same when they are not with immature believers. The weaker brother may not bind the conscience of the stronger believer, and as we will see, the weaker brother is actually expected to grow out of his misunderstanding regarding morally indifferent matters. May the strong walk with wisdom in these issues but not let others bind them where Christ has left them free. View Resource

  • The Weak in Faith Devotional

    Romans 14:1

    John Calvin comments, “They who are strong should spend their labor in assisting the weak, and that they who have made the greatest advances should bear with the more ignorant. For God, by making us stronger than others, does not bestow strength that we may oppress the weak.” As a general rule, mature Christians are to be extraordinarily patient with immature believers, putting up with their misunderstandings and other growing pains as they aim for maturity in the Lord. View Resource

  • Going on to Maturity Devotional

    Hebrews 6:1

    Oftentimes, those who possess advanced knowledge of the Christian faith look down upon those who are still babes in Christ. However, this was neither the attitude of Christ nor the attitude of the New Testament writers. Ask the Lord to give you humility when you deal with those who are less mature in the faith. View Resource