• The Insanity of Luther Devotional

    Romans 1:16-17

    Once we begin to understand something of the gravity of our sin and the purity of God’s character, it can be easy for our knowledge of our depravity to paralyze us. This need not be the case, for the good news of the gospel is that while we are sinners in and of ourselves, God fully receives us as righteous if we trust in His Son alone for salvation. In so doing, we enjoy peace with God the Father and have no reason to fear His eternal wrath. View Resource

  • Luther Finds Assurance Devotional

    Romans 3:21–22a

    When we truly understand that Christ is enough, we can stand firm for truth in the midst of even the hardest circumstances. Knowing that He is guarding us and working for our good and His glory, we can do what is right no matter the consequences. When we feel threatened, let us remember that Christ is on our side when we are standing for His truth, and that He is sufficient to meet all our needs no matter what may ensue. View Resource

  • Emulating the Supreme Model Devotional

    Thank God for role models who have influenced your life; then thank Him for the Supreme Model who died for you. View Resource

  • Entering into Your Priesthood Devotional

    What are you doing to help those around you who are in distress? Are you keeping yourself clean from the world’s pollution, as James admonishes? View Resource

  • Martin Luther, Part 2 Devotional

    Romans 3:21–22a

    When we trust in Christ alone for our salvation, our sins are imputed to Him as the one who bore the wrath that we deserve. Consequently, by faith alone His righteousness is imputed to us, and we are declared “not guilty” by the Father. Rejoice in this marvelous exchange, and enjoy the freedom that your salvation grants you. View Resource

  • Martin Luther, Part 1 Devotional

    Romans 3:20

    Apart from Christ, the law of God crushes us. It demonstrates how unable we are to meet God’s demands. It shows us that we can never do enough to earn back the life Adam enjoyed before he fell into sin. The only one who can do this is Christ. Thank Him for accomplishing our salvation, and continue to confess your need for His work. View Resource