• Problems in Post-Exilic Judah Devotional

    Malachi 2

    Scripture tells us that marrying someone who does not share the beliefs of the covenant community leads to trouble. For example, Solomon’s marriages to pagan women led him astray and gave paganism a foothold in Israel (1 Kings 11:1–8). If you are single and looking for a spouse, you must look for a Christian. Married couples should encourage one another in the Lord. If you are already married to a non-Christian, pray daily for your spouse’s salvation. View Resource

  • The Mirror of Marriage Devotional

    Ephesians 5:33

    Dr. R.C. Sproul offers some fitting comments to conclude our look at Paul’s teaching on the roles of husbands and wives in Ephesians 5:22–33: “If I exercise my headship over my wife in a tyrannical way, I am not respecting my wife. If my wife gives slavish obedience to me without any love, she is not respecting me. The whole basis of the relationship is built upon love, cherishing and respecting one another” (POGE , p. 139). View Resource

  • Christ, the Husband of His Church Devotional

    Ephesians 5:31–32

    Husbands, your calling is to pursue your wives in love to the ends of the earth. Single men, your calling is to become the kind of men who, should you get married one day, will love your wives in a way that serves their needs. Wives, your calling is to pray for your husbands, that they might love you in this manner, and to do all you can to make it easy for them to love you. Single women, your calling is to become godly women whom godly men yearn to love. View Resource

  • Loving One’s Self, Loving One’s Wife Devotional

    Ephesians 5:28–30

    Dr. John MacArthur writes, “A Christian husband is to care for his wife with the same devotion that he naturally manifests as he cares for himself (v. 29) — even more so, since his self-sacrificing love causes him to put her first” (The MacArthur Bible Commentary, p. 1,702; hereafter MA BC). Christian husbands should not even think about why their wives might hesitate to submit until they love their wives in this way. View Resource

  • The Model of Christ’s Love Devotional

    Ephesians 5:26-27

    The husband is called to be the spiritual leader of his home, which requires that he take the initiative in family worship, helping his wife and children learn the things of God, and much more. This should be the primary focus of his leadership — doing whatever he can to further the sanctification of his wife and children. Husbands, are you taking the lead in spiritual matters and directing your families to glorify God? View Resource

  • Loving One’s Wife Devotional

    Ephesians 5:25

    We may easily deceive ourselves and think that we are not obligated to fulfill our marital roles simply because our spouses are not fulfilling theirs. But God calls us to be faithful to our own callings, not those given to others, and He gives us the church to help us love our wives and submit to our husbands. Let us not look for loopholes that would make the hard portions of God’s will less demanding but rather follow Him in the power of the Spirit. View Resource

  • The Bride and Her Husband Devotional

    Ephesians 5:22-33

    Jesus certainly loves us individually and justifies us via our personal faith in Him. However, the relationship between Christ and His bride is a relationship between the sovereign Lord and a corporate body. Jesus loves a people as His bride, and, consequently, we cannot be joined to Him as the one for whom He died if we have no love for His wife. Scripture knows nothing of the lone-ranger Christian who is uncommitted to the church. View Resource

  • God’s Gift to Adam Devotional

    Genesis 2:18-25

    Those of us who are married understand that we become aware of our own selfishness through the marriage relationship in ways that we might not otherwise know if we were single. We should therefore be in repentance for our selfish ways on a regular basis, seeking the Lord’s forgiveness and the forgiveness of our spouses when we fall. Single people should likewise seek to mortify their own selfishness that they might reflect the glory of God. View Resource

  • Christian Men in the Home Devotional

    Ephesians 5:22-33

    No one said the Christian life would be easy, and the fact that it is sometimes hard to love one’s wife or be submissive to one’s husband does not excuse us from the duties God lays upon us. Couples who are having trouble fulfilling the Lord’s command here might benefit from being mentored by a godly married couple. Those who have had successful marriages over the long haul might consider serving as examples and mentors to others in their churches. View Resource

  • Becoming Part of the Bride Devotional

    Give thanks for the purchase price paid by your Bridegroom. View Resource

  • Eunuchs for the Kingdom Devotional

    Matthew 19:10–12

    Single believers like Daniel and Paul as well as married believers such as Abraham and Peter have been used mightily of the Lord to advance His purposes. Knowing this to be true, our churches should be places where both singles and married couples are equally valued and given opportunities to serve in the congregation. If you serve as a leader in your church, do what you can to encourage both married couples and singles to take part in ministry. View Resource

  • The Beauty of Love Devotional

    Song of Solomon 5–6

    Dr. R.C. Sproul says in his series Wisdom: “There is nothing wrong with being in love. There is nothing wrong with extolling the beauty of our wives or of our husbands.” Husbands and wives, when was the last time you complimented your spouse on their appearance? When was the last time you did something to enhance your beauty? Married or not, find trustworthy Christians with whom you may discuss relational intimacy and God’s Word regarding it. View Resource

  • The Sanctity of Marriage Devotional

    Matthew 19:3–9

    The church must protect the offended party in a divorce. When marriage laws are wisely applied, biblical divorces enable the innocent party to remarry with a clean conscience. Disciplining the offender will also help God’s people better reflect the divine intent for marriage. If you are an elder, do not be afraid to exercise discipline in this area. If you are married, seek to strengthen your marriage by reading a book on the topic or attending a couples retreat. View Resource

  • Forbidden Marriages Devotional

    Genesis 6:1–2

    We cannot assume all of the Sethites who intermarried had true faith, but if they did, the disastrous results of their marriage to unbelievers confirm the stories and commands that warn us against this elsewhere in Scripture (for example, 1 Kings 11:1–8). If you are dating somebody who is not a believer, it is time to reconsider your relationship. If you are married to a non-believer, you may not initiate a divorce. Instead, pray for their salvation (1 Cor. 7:12–16). View Resource

  • Naked and Unashamed Devotional

    Genesis 2:24-25

    How closely does your marriage approximate Adam and Eve’s relationship in the garden? Do you try to meet your spouse’s desire for shame-free intimacy on all levels? Or do you ignore his or her emotional and physical needs? Take time to discuss your marriage with your spouse today, and seek ways you can serve one another better. If you are single, make amends with any other person you may have shamed in word or deed. View Resource