• The Nature of Man Devotional

    Genesis 1:26–28

    Our understanding of the fall has inevitable consequences for our view of what human beings are, how wonderful God made us originally, how important it is that we preach the gospel so that sinners can recover the high dignity that has been marred, and so on. But to have a right understanding of sin and the fall, we must have a deep understanding of God’s holiness. Only in contrast to His holiness can we see the depth of sin and thus how glorious the Lord made us to be. View Resource

  • The Weakness of Men Devotional

    Isaiah 40:6–11

    One commentator describes the enduring message of today’s passage thusly: If I insist that I am permanent, I will fail. But if I confess God’s permanence—if I trust in His Word and believe it is sure—then He sustains me forever (Isa. 1:27, 30–31). We are a part of the post-exilic people of God, and like the children of Jacob who came back from exile thousands of years ago, we must believe in the Lord alone to be saved. To put such trust elsewhere is to misplace it completely. View Resource

  • Recognizing Our Enmity Devotional

    Think of the characteristics and qualities of intimate friendship, then apply these to your spiritual relationship with the heavenly Father. Are you truly a friend of God? View Resource

  • The Breath of Life Devotional

    Genesis 4:2-9

    Again in today’s passage we see the proclamation of God’s life-giving rule over the entire creation right at the beginning of His creation of man. As servants of the one God, Israel’s role in declaring and manifesting His rule to the nations would later be affirmed explicitly in the covenant with Moses (Ex. 34:10) and in the new covenant with Christ (Matt. 24:14). Spend some time praying for non-Christian friends and seek to share the Gospel with them. View Resource