• The Coming Day of the LORD Devotional

    Malachi 4

    The hardest thing about the life of faith is that the Lord often seems slow to keep His promises. Sometimes we feel like we must wait, wait, and then wait some more for God to intervene. Faith, however, trusts that God is not slow but is working out all things in His time. It was hundreds of years after Malachi’s day that the Messiah came—but He came. As we wait for His return and for answers to prayer, we must remember that all this will come as well. View Resource

  • Problems in Post-Exilic Judah Devotional

    Malachi 2

    Scripture tells us that marrying someone who does not share the beliefs of the covenant community leads to trouble. For example, Solomon’s marriages to pagan women led him astray and gave paganism a foothold in Israel (1 Kings 11:1–8). If you are single and looking for a spouse, you must look for a Christian. Married couples should encourage one another in the Lord. If you are already married to a non-Christian, pray daily for your spouse’s salvation. View Resource

  • Vain Priestly Offerings Devotional

    Malachi 1:6–14

    God wants all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength in all that we do, but particularly in the case of worship. If we are not endeavoring to worship according to His commands and with the right intent, it would be better for us not to worship at all. He does not seek perfect worship from us at the present time, which is impossible given our sinful condition. What He seeks is true, intentional worship that is a testimony to His great glory. View Resource

  • Malachi Preaches God’s Love for Israel Devotional

    Malachi 1:1–5

    In Romans 9, Paul applies the election of the people of Israel to individual believers, telling us that those who are saved have been chosen from the foundation of the world. Divine election assures us of God’s love and that we belong to Him now and always if we trust in Him alone. If you believe in Christ, you are elect. And if you are elect, you have been elected and loved by God in Christ from all eternity. Nothing could be more secure than that. View Resource