• Our New Lord and Master Devotional

    Romans 6:1–14

    Throughout the New Testament especially, we find that the evidence of true Christian faith is a life of gratitude in which our love for Jesus is proved by our willingness to obey Him (John 14:15). This does not mean perfect obedience, but it does mean a sincere effort to understand and apply His commandments as well as repentance when we find that we have fallen short. Let us show God how grateful we are for His salvation by doing what He says. View Resource

  • The Lordship of Christ Devotional

    Romans 10:9

    None of the Apostles ever conceived of separating Jesus’ work as Savior from His lordship over the lives of His people. To believe one can be saved without serving Jesus as Lord is to give both ourselves and others a false assurance of salvation, and God will not treat lightly those who lead people astray in this manner (Luke 17:1–2). We do not serve God to get into the kingdom, but if we do not want to serve Him, we are not in the kingdom. View Resource

  • The Lordship of Christ Devotional

    1 Corinthians 6:15–20

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage, stating that “we are not at our own disposal, that we should live according to our own pleasure.” Unregenerate people are determined to live by their own rules, to seek self-fulfillment at the expense of God’s law. Christians, however, are determined to live by what God has revealed, and they repent when they fail to do so. If Jesus is our Lord, we must actually live under His lordship. View Resource