• God’s Kingdom and Power Devotional

    Romans 10:11–13

    Answer 128 of the Heidelberg Catechism reminds us that the Father is “both willing and able to give us all that is good” that He might “receive all the praise, forever.” We should not doubt the goodness of God, nor His purpose to advance His glory in all the earth. When we come to Him in faith, we can be confident that He will do whatever is best for our good and His glory (Rom. 8:28). This is what He has promised. View Resource

  • The Sixth Petition Devotional

    1 Corinthians 10:13

    Today’s study is based on question and answer 127 of the Heidelberg Catechism, which reminds us that the world, the flesh, and the Devil “never stop attacking us.” Until we are glorified, there is no point at which we can lay down our arms, no point at which our Enemy establishes a truce that he will honor. Therefore, we must keep in mind our absolute dependence on God for resisting temptation, and we are wise to pray for His deliverance from evil in all things. View Resource

  • The Mandate to Forgive Devotional

    Matthew 18:21–35

    Calvin also comments, “No one may presume to approach God and ask forgiveness, who is not pure and free from all resentment.” If we are withholding forgiveness from those who have truly and humbly sought our pardon, then we are claiming rights for ourselves to which we have no title. We are saved only by God’s grace, and that reality must show itself in all our actions. If we have been forgiven by the Lord in Christ, we will forgive others. View Resource

  • The Fifth Petition Devotional

    Psalm 143:1–2

    When we ask the Father to forgive us in Jesus’ name, we are asking Him to do something that He has promised to do. Therefore, we can be confident that He forgives us when we seek His face. This is all of grace, it is not something we can demand based on ourselves but only something we plead for because of the Lord’s gracious promises. Let us seek each and every day to recall and confess our sins that we might be assured anew of God’s forgiveness. View Resource

  • The Fourth Petition Devotional

    James 1:16–17

    Paul tells us that the failure to thank God for His blessings is one of the two basic sins of which all fallen people are guilty (Rom. 1:21). This means, among other things, that we tend toward ingratitude and need to be aware of its presence in our lives. May we seek to avoid this transgression by recalling God’s goodness and asking the Lord to supply our needs so that we never forget that He is the source of all of the good things in our lives. View Resource

  • Serving God in the Here and Now Devotional

    1 Corinthians 7:17–24

    If our primary concern in life is to change our present situation, then we will have little room to serve God wherever we are. It is not inherently wrong to seek a change in circumstances, and, indeed, a change may be what we are called to seek. But we are never to do so at the expense of serving God faithfully. Let us pray daily that the Lord’s will would be done and that we would seek this will so that we would be reckoned as His good and faithful servants. View Resource

  • The Third Petition Devotional

    Luke 22:39–46

    Dr. John MacArthur comments on today’s passage that in Gethesemane, Jesus “was consciously, deliberately, and voluntarily subjugating all His human desires to the Father’s perfect will” (The MacArthur Bible Commentary, p. 1327). This is one of the things that we do in our prayers. We are to pray that we would love God’s law and do it willingly. We are to pray the same for others. To ask for God’s will to be done is to ask for us and others to do what the Lord says is right. View Resource

  • Our Promised Victory Devotional

    Romans 16:20

    As Christians, we see the enemies of God tremble in fear as His kingdom grows. Sometimes that looks like a victory, from our perspective, as many people join the church and cultural standards move in the direction of godliness. Sometimes, from our perspective, it looks like defeat as we suffer for the sake of the Lord. Either way, however, the kingdom of the Lord is advancing as He has ordained, and the Enemy is being placed under our feet. View Resource

  • The Second Petition Devotional

    Romans 14:17

    Today, God’s special kingdom of blessing is manifested primarily in the church. It is through the ministry of Word and sacrament that we learn what it means to bow the knee to Christ as Lord. Furthermore, it is through the church’s ministry that we receive the blessings of sanctification and Christian growth, for the Spirit works through other believers to conform us to the Son. Let us further the kingdom through active service in our local churches. View Resource

  • Glory to the Name of the Lord Devotional

    Psalm 115:1

    Prayer changes us. We cannot hope to love and serve God properly merely by reading His Word and fellowshiping with others, although these exercises do benefit us and our relationship to the Lord. In addition to such things, we must pray God’s Word back to Him and follow His instructions for prayer. By doing this, our hearts and minds come to reflect the Lord’s concerns and those things that He prizes, thereby enabling us to hallow Him as well. View Resource

  • Knowing the Lord Devotional

    Jeremiah 9:23–24

    Many people today want to set holiness, love, and mercy in opposition to one another, especially when they speak of the character of God. Yet, it is only because the Lord is holy that we can be confident that He will be merciful to those who repent and believe. Our holy God has promised this, and He cannot break this promise, for if He were to break His Word, He would violate His own holiness. Those who rightly know God’s holiness also know His mercy. View Resource

  • The Lord’s Prayer Devotional

    Luke 11:1–4

    Using the Lord’s Prayer as a model involves prioritizing our petitions according to the prayer’s structure. The first thing for which Jesus prays is that God’s name would be hallowed and that His kingdom would come. That the world would recognize God as holy and seek His kingdom is to be the very first thing we seek in prayer. If our prayers are not filled with petitions for the Lord to be glorified in all the earth, we probably need to restructure our intercession. View Resource

  • Our Shepherding God Devotional

    Psalm 23

    Many well-intentioned people promise that coming to Jesus, the Great Shepherd of the sheep, will solve all of life’s problems. While one day this will be true, we will face the enemies of the world, the flesh, and the Devil before Christ returns to consummate His kingdom. We should not grow angry with God in times of suffering, then, for He has not promised us an easy life, though He has pledged to sustain us in our difficulties (Isa. 43:1–3). View Resource

  • Fasting in Secret Devotional

    Matthew 6:17-18

    Fasting is extremely beneficial to our spiritual growth and our prayer lives. Going without food helps reminds us how much we depend on God for our sustenance and, indeed, for all things. This helps us seek Him fervently, for we know that the only hope we have to see our loved ones saved and our lives changed is through His working. Consider taking some time to fast and pray this week so that you may know what it means to rely wholly on the Lord. View Resource

  • How to Pray Devotional

    James 5:16

    As an illustration of Luther’s advice, take some time today to pray through the Ten Commandments. Take each stipulation and confess how you have violated that particular law. Worship Him for the perfection of His character revealed in each commandment. Thank Him for enabling you by the Spirit to be faithful to His Law and ask for His kingdom to come so that all may love and obey Him. Make it your aim to pray to our heavenly Father without ceasing. View Resource