• Two Different Responses Devotional

    Genesis 34:30–31

    We are greatly encouraged that the Lord is true to His word even when His people sin. If His blessings were based ultimately on our faithfulness, we would be totally lost. Still, while God was faithful despite Jacob’s unfaithfulness, the patriarch and his family would have avoided a lot of trouble had Jacob been more concerned to be an effective spiritual leader. Can others look to you as an example of a leader in godliness? View Resource

  • Simeon and Levi Attack Devotional

    Genesis 34:25–29

    The Lord’s use of Israel to pour out His wrath on the inhabitants of Canaan was a case unique to that particular time in the history of God’s people. As Paul tells us in Romans 12:19, God no longer uses His people (the church) for this task. Instead, we are to trust Him to take vengeance on His enemies. Consider those who have hurt you and those upon whom you have, either now or in the past, desired to take revenge. Pray for their well-being (Rom. 12:20–21). View Resource

  • Inferior to Melchizedek Devotional

    Hebrews 7:9–10

    There is a tendency among Christians to think that our salvation depends on our own faithfulness to the Law. But when we act as if this is so, we deny that Christ’s priesthood is superior to the priesthood of Levi. Remember that your salvation is based not in you, but in the person and work of Christ. View Resource