• Rachel and Leah Answer Devotional

    Genesis 31:4-16

    Matthew Henry comments, “Husbands who love their wives will communicate their purposes and intentions to them. Where there is a mutual affection there will be a mutual confidence.” Dr. R.C. Sproul also says in his series The Intimate Marriage, that husbands should make decisions cooperatively with their wives as often as possible. Only when spouses face a number of godly options upon which they cannot agree should the husband ask his wife to submit to his will View Resource

  • Sons for Rachel Devotional

    Genesis 30:1–13

    John Calvin writes, “Moses, by exhibiting this evil in Rachel, would teach us that it is inherent in all: in order that each of us, tearing it up by the roots, may vigilantly purify himself from it.” Thankfully, the Lord can use sin to advance His purposes, but the elect never take this for granted. Consider how God has used an improper motivation on your part to advance His kingdom and thank Him for His grace. Then, repent over your sin if you have not yet done so. View Resource