• The Blessedness of Keeping God’s Law Devotional

    Psalm 119:1-8

    John Calvin comments, “We must not be influenced by our own designs, nor decide, according to carnal reason, what we are to do, but must at once come to the determination, that they who turn not aside, either to the right hand or the left, from the observance of God’s commandments, are indeed in the right path.” Wisdom comes to those who seek God and endeavor to follow His law of gratitude for His great salvation. View Resource

  • Fulfilling the Law Devotional

    Romans 13:10

    Augustine of Hippo writes, “The rule of love is that one should wish his friend to have all the good things he wants to have himself and should not wish the evils to befall his friend which he wishes to avoid himself.” Doing no wrong to neighbor is more than just refraining from harm; it consists in working for the good of others, in doing for them that which we would want them to do for us (Matt. 7:12). Only God’s Spirit can generate such love in us. View Resource