• The True Advantage of the Jew Devotional

    Romans 3:1–2

    While the Jews were certainly to take the knowledge of God to the world, the Old Testament was theirs, and the Gentile nations had no ordinary way of accessing it. John Calvin concludes from this that if the benefit of the oracles “was to be so highly esteemed when the Lord favored one nation only with the revelation of his word, we can never sufficiently reprobate our ingratitude, who receive his word with so much negligence or with so much carelessness, not to say disdain.” View Resource

  • Unable to Pay Devotional

    Luke 7:36–50

    Paul wrote that the Mosaic law served as a “captor” or “custodian” (NASB) until Christ came (Gal. 3:23), since one of its aims was to accentuate sin and drive people on toward faith in God for forgiveness. None of us can do enough good to make up for even the smallest sin, and it is easy even for those who affirm justification by faith alone to think they can repay their debt to God by themselves. Let us never think our own good deeds can cover over our bad ones. View Resource

  • Upholding the Law by Faith Devotional

    Romans 3:29–31

    Calvin also writes that after justification “there is sanctification, by which our hearts are prepared to keep the law; it is indeed imperfectly done, but there is an aiming at the work.” Sanctification follows justification, so justification upholds the law also in that once we are justified and receive the Holy Spirit, only then can we begin to do what the law requires. The justified do what God commands, albeit not perfectly and never in a way that merits righteousness before the Lord. View Resource

  • The Value of Circumcision Devotional

    Romans 2:25

    Most of us are unlikely to think that we will automatically make it to heaven if we have been circumcised. However, professing Christians are prone to think they are right before God because they go to church, and they might believe that their children are guaranteed a place in heaven as long as they are raised in a Christian home. We cannot trust in any of these things. None of us is saved unless personal trust in Christ resides in our hearts. View Resource

  • Weightier Matters of the Law Devotional

    Matthew 23:23–24

    John Calvin writes, “The Law is kept only when men are just, and kind, and true, towards each other; for thus they testify that they love and fear God, and give proper and sufficient evidence of sincere piety.” Commitment to justice, mercy, and faithfulness demonstrates commitment to Christ (James 2:14–26). Thus, our care for the poor and oppressed must be as evident as our concern for doctrine. What sacrifices are you making to help the poor and marginalized? View Resource

  • The Work of the Law on the Heart Devotional

    Romans 2:14–16

    John Calvin comments, “There is no nation so lost to every thing human, that it does not keep within the limits of some laws.” Although human beings suppress the truth in unrighteousness apart from the grace of God (Rom. 1:18), they still retain a knowledge of the Lord and His basic moral requirements that is reflected in society’s laws. We should be grateful for this. It evidences God’s restraining hand so that life can continue and the gospel can go forth. View Resource

  • The Works of the Law Devotional

    Romans 3:19–20

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary on Romans: “If we are paying attention to the law, we know it will not justify us. We know we will never be able to get into heaven on the basis of our works, because the law reveals to us our infirmities.” We have taken a long, hard look at the reality of human sin over the past two months. The question for us now is whether we really believe that no work of ours is good enough to save us. If we do not believe that, we do not believe the gospel. View Resource