• The Jews’ Failure to Keep the Law Devotional

    Romans 2:21b–23

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage, “We are here warned, first, not to flatter ourselves and to despise others, when we have performed only some portions of the law—and, secondly, not to glory in having outward idolatry removed, while we care not to drive away and to eradicate the impiety that lieth hid in our hearts.” Our goal should always be to root out sin in our own lives first before we point it out in others and in the world. View Resource

  • Justification by Faith Alone Devotional

    Galatians 2:14–16

    Martin Luther’s commentary on today’s passage includes this nugget of wisdom: “God is honored in His Son. Whoever then believes that the Son is our mediator and Savior, he honors the Father, and him again does God honor; that is to say, adorns him with gifts, forgiveness of sins, righteousness, the Holy Ghost, and everlasting life.” If we would receive the gifts of God we must repent of our sins and trust Jesus alone. In whom do you put your trust? View Resource

  • The King and the Law Devotional

    Jeremiah 22

    Jesus is the true Son of David who keeps the law of God perfectly and thereby has earned the right to rule and reign over His people forever. Unlike many of the kings and authorities of this world, Jesus never ignores the needs of His people in order to satisfy Himself. Instead, He did not consider equality with God something to be used at the expense of others but rather humbled Himself to serve His people. This self-sacrifice is the model for all godly leaders. View Resource

  • Knowing Sin Devotional

    Romans 7:7

    When we see that Paul refers to the law of God as good and holy (Rom. 7:7–12), we can better understand how the psalmist can declare his love for the law (Ps. 119:97). The holiness and goodness of the law elicit praise in the hearts of converted people. Although in Christ we no longer stand under the law in the same way that we did before conversion, it remains to guide us, and we learn to love it in a way that was impossible before we were saved. View Resource

  • Law and Gospel Devotional

    Matthew 5:17–20

    Answer 86 of the Heidelberg Catechism emphasizes that we do good works because the God who justifies us also gives us His Spirit to conform us more and more to the image of Jesus Christ. Our Lord saves us from His wrath in order that we might serve Him according to His law, but we cannot serve Him unless we walk by the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit empowers our obedience to God’s law, and we must ask Him daily for help that we might obey our Creator. View Resource

  • Law and Gospel Devotional

    Romans 3:21-31

    Our relativistic age does not like to hear that there is an eternal, unchangeable law that convicts all people. But the central message of the gospel is that we have broken this law and need to be reconciled to God, the great Lawgiver. If we do not know His law, however, we cannot tell people the bad news that they are estranged from God, and if we cannot preach the bad news, how can we preach the good news of salvation? View Resource

  • The Law and Slavery Devotional

    Galatians 3:26–4:20

    How many of us are really comfortable with the level of Christian growth we have attained at this point in our lives? Would God’s assessment of our level of maturity bring honor or shame? While you yet have time, ask God to increase your zeal for Christian growth in character, grace, knowledge, and love of Christ. View Resource

  • The Law and the Lawless Devotional

    1 Timothy 1:9-10

    There are innumerable ways the Law is not used lawfully. Some try to find a secret code by counting letters and numbers. Some try to base a weight-loss program on the food laws in the Torah. Others read the Law’s promises to Israel apart from the New Testament and look for today’s headlines to match what it predicts or says. Do you read the Law properly? Look to it today to see where you have fallen short and repent so that you might see the truth. View Resource

  • The Law and the Promise Devotional

    Galatians 3:15–25

    The proper function of the law is to put before us the right way of living before God. This is very nearly the definition of coram Deo—to live before the face of God, under His authority and unto His glory. Make good use of God’s law as you live your life coram Deo. Pursue the law for Christian growth, and in so doing, please God. View Resource

  • The Law in the Life of an Unbeliever Devotional

    Romans 7:12

    As we will see tomorrow, we cannot love the law truly unless the law first crushes us. People who keep the law in hopes that their obedience will merit eternal life do not truly love the law or the perfect Lord who revealed it. They love a false god who makes the false promise that sinners can merit heaven. Those who have been driven to Christ by the law, however, can love it as a guide to holiness. View Resource

  • The Law of God Devotional

    Exodus 20:1–17

    In recent years, there has been a lot of controversy in the United States as to the placement of the Ten Commandments in public. In all of this rancor, however, we should never forget that the commandments should first be inscribed on our hearts. It is a good idea to memorize the Ten Commandments that we might know God and His will better, worship Him rightly, serve Him with gladness, and love Him more fully. View Resource

  • The Law on the Heart Devotional

    Romans 2:12-16

    The fact that God’s standards were written on your heart means you knew God’s law even before you knew Him. The same is true for all people. Never hesitate to proclaim the high moral standards of God. Some may react negatively to them, but your proclamation will echo in their consciences and reveal to them their guilt, if God so wills. View Resource

  • The Legalist Distortion Devotional

    Romans 14

    As a modern example of legalism, some Christians have said that it is wrong for believers to consume alcohol. However, while such rules may be motivated by a noble concern that people avoid the sin of drunkenness, Scripture nowhere condemns sensible drinking of alcohol, and, in fact, it commends such consumption (Ps. 104:14–15). We are free to decide ourselves not to drink, but to impose a rule like this on others is legalism. View Resource

  • Living Under Grace Devotional

    Romans 6:15

    We will discuss what it means to not be under law in the days ahead. Today, Dr. R.C. Sproul’s commentary Romans will help us understand Paul’s point: “We are no longer under the law in the sense of being underneath the awesome, weighty burden of the law… . We are no longer in the condition of being crushed under the weight of the law, no longer oppressed by its burden of guilt and judgment.” We are no longer under the law as guilty people, for we are righteous in Christ. View Resource

  • The Message Concerning Faith Devotional

    Romans 10:5-8

    Romans 10:8 quotes Deuteronomy 30:14 in order to point out the gracious nature of the justification that is by faith alone. God did not make the Israelites look for His Word that told them of their salvation from Egypt and how they were to thank Him for it, but He came to them and brought His Word near. He has done the same in the new covenant. The gospel is not something we have to wonder about. It has been revealed clearly so that even a child can know and believe it. View Resource