• Living Faith Devotional

    James 2:25–26

    A dead faith is really no faith at all because a dead faith can in no way lay hold of the perfect righteousness of Christ. We must have a living faith evidenced by works of love and mercy toward other people. Is your faith a living faith evident to others by your works, or does your lack of good deeds make faith’s presence hard to discern? Confess your need for Christ’s righteousness, and then fulfill the command to serve those who need it in your community. View Resource

  • Completed Faith Devotional

    James 2:22–24

    When we first believe our faith is “incomplete” in the sense that it is small and relatively undeveloped. But even though a small faith is enough to do great things (Matt. 17:20), God does not want our faith to remain weak. Oftentimes He causes our faith to grow by vindicating our trust in Him and by bringing trials to create perseverance in us. Look at your life and find times when trust in God has been vindicated. Ask Him to use these experiences to increase your faith. View Resource

  • Faith and Works Devotional

    James 2:18–21

    John Calvin notes that while true faith always produces good works, good works are not always the result of true faith. Indeed “the unbelieving sometimes excel in specious virtues … hence works apparently excellent may exist apart from faith.” We can know our works flow from true faith if we perform them not to earn our salvation but in gratitude for a redemption already accomplished. Ask the Lord to help you to live with thankfulness for His perfect work. View Resource

  • Redeemed by Faith Devotional

    Romans 3:19–28

    We cannot live our lives before the face of God until we are clear that it is the perfect obedience of Christ alone that saves us. If we think that we earn our own righteousness, we have not been justified, and we have not been reconciled to God. Have you trusted Christ alone for salvation or are you still trying to earn it? View Resource

  • Perfect Obedience Devotional

    Romans 5:18-19

    Paul’s comparisons of our unions with Adam and Christ show us how wrong we are in our tendency to think that some goodness in us motivated God to save us. We were lost, justly condemned. But God saved us through Christ and declared us just. Examine your heart closely today for any attitudes that cheapen divine grace. View Resource

  • Justified by Faith Devotional

    Romans 3:27-31

    If you are a believer, you have been justified. That means God has determined that He will not regard you as a guilty sinner but as His spotless, perfect child. In this simple process are displayed all the wonders of the love, grace, and mercy of our redeeming God. Give Him heartfelt praise today for giving you the faith by which you were saved. View Resource

  • A Way for Sinners Devotional

    Romans 3:21-26

    We speak of God’s dilemma in this study. Of course, God cannot really experience a dilemma, for He is sovereign and unhindered. His plan of redemption is not a plan B in response to man’s surprising behavior. Rather, the Gospel has always been His plan, as the Scriptures teach (see below). Consider afresh the wisdom of God’s plans. View Resource

  • The Need for Faith Devotional

    Romans 3:10-20

    John Calvin said the law of God is a mirror to reveal our sin and drive us to Christ. It is more than a list of do’s and don’ts designed to show us how to obey God. Think about it—aren’t you glad our God accepts us on the basis of grace, not because we perform in a specified way? Praise him for His deep, deep love for you. View Resource

  • Fruits of Justification Devotional

    Romans 5:1–11

    Rejoicing in the hope of the glory of God is not just some inward attitude. It means that the community of the saints actively praises God in worship. Through the Spirit, the church stands on the sea of glass before God’s throne and praises Him. Consider Romans 5:1–2 as it relates to worship as you prepare to go to church this Lord’s Day. View Resource

  • The Doctrine of Justification Devotional

    Romans 3:21–26

    Which doctrinal perspective gives a firmer basis for assurance of salvation? Which more magnifies Christ’s work? Which more accounts for human depravity? Do you truly appreciate the biblical and Protestant doctrine as much as you should? Thank God for giving us the Reformation. View Resource

  • Faith and Works? Devotional

    James 2:14–26

    One theologian has said that we must employ the theology of the second glance. Admittedly, there are passages which at first seem to imply the opposite of what one knows is orthodox. A more careful approach resolves apparent contradictions. Thank God for teachers who clearly explain the one way of salvation. View Resource