• Passing Judgment on Ourselves Devotional

    Romans 14:22b

    Though we sometimes feel guilty for things that are not actually sins, we should always pay attention to the voice of our consciences when we experience guilt. When we feel guilt, we must endeavor to understand, according to God’s Word, whether the guilt is true or false, whether it reflects an actual sin or something we wrongly believe to be a sin. If it is true guilt, repentance must be our response. If it is false guilt, we may set it aside and thank Christ for our freedom in Him. View Resource

  • Presuming upon God’s Kindness Devotional

    Romans 2:3–5

    Martin Luther comments on today’s passage that “so great is the blindness of the sinner that he abuses to his own harm the things that have been given to him for his own benefit.” Though Paul has the Jews in mind primarily in Romans 2:3–5, we are all, without a doubt, inclined to misinterpret divine patience as laxity in regard to sin. We must not think that God will give us forever to trust in His promises. There comes a day for us all when we will meet our Maker. Are you ready? View Resource

  • Purging Iniquity Devotional

    Zechariah 5

    Ultimately, the impenitent are confirmed in sin forever—they continue to experience its degrading and destructive effects in hell and feel the fury of God’s wrath. We should not think that the sinners in hell want to be anywhere else. They love their sin and continue to sin in that place, and given the choice between wrath and life in the presence of the Lord’s holiness, they make the perverse choice to experience God’s wrath rather than His love, so deep is their hatred of Him. View Resource

  • The Judgment of Tyre Devotional

    Ezekiel 26

    Bible critics read Scripture superficially and find “errors” that do not reflect a fair reading of all the evidence. Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Old Tyre, and it remains uninhabited. Moreover, the island city-fortress of Tyre has never been the same since Alexander’s conquest. History confirms biblical prophecy, and good apologetic resources demonstrate this. Therefore, it is a good idea for us all to own solid apologetic helps so that we may be prepared when others ask about the faith. View Resource

  • Eternal Punishment Devotional

    Revelation 20

    Many people believe the doctrine of eternal conscious punishment is incompatible with God’s love. However, Jesus Christ—the fullest manifestation of God’s love—spoke more about hell than anyone else. In fact, hell is the inevitable result of God’s love for His own glory and for the love we see between the persons of the Godhead. Each person of the Trinity loves the glory of the other persons so much that He will not tolerate those who impenitently attempt to deface this glory by their sin. View Resource

  • Final Judgment Devotional

    Acts 17:22–34

    Religions created by mere men believe that we prepare for the final day of judgment by storing up good works, by doing the right things so that when we stand before the Creator, our eternal destiny is determined by our goodness. What they fail to see is that if any of us relies on our own deeds, our only destination will be eternal punishment. How, then, do we ready ourselves for the last day? We trust in Christ alone, the One in whose perfection we rest for the assurance of eternal life. View Resource

  • Edom’s Fall and Israel’s Rise Devotional

    Obadiah 15–21

    By His grace, God in Christ intervened in history before the final day of the Lord to save us from the Lord’s wrath to come (1 Thess. 1:10). Thus, we do not yet experience certain aspects of what Obadiah saw regarding the day of judgment. God’s people do not yet possess their full inheritance in the new heaven and earth, so we don’t possess the land of the Canaanites. But the work of Jesus has guaranteed it for us. One day, we shall rule over the whole earth, the Holy Land included. View Resource

  • Destruction and Restoration Devotional

    Jeremiah 16

    When the Lord first called Israel out of Egypt, He had not yet given them His law and their sin, however gross, could not measure up to the sins of later generations who knew and wantonly flouted God’s law. To save a people who knew and openly violated the Lord’s commandments would take a greater mercy and display more power than salvation from Egypt. If this was true of the restoration from exile, how much more true is it of the abundant salvation we have been shown in Christ Jesus. View Resource

  • God Judges the Nations Devotional

    Joel 3

    Under the fuller revelation of the new covenant, the idea of God as our stronghold is seen more clearly. The Lord protects us from His final wrath by clothing us in the perfect righteousness of Christ, which means He can pass over us in His eternal wrath and provide us the greatest restoration of all in the new heaven and earth. This is the only safety from His eternal judgment that God provides. Our strong tower is the perfect righteousness of Christ. View Resource

  • The Army of the Lord Devotional

    Joel 2:1–11

    John Calvin comments on Joel 2:1–11, reminding us that its final end is not to preach judgment for judgment’s sake but to warn people to turn from sin: “The object of the narrative, then, is to make the people sensible, that it was now no time for taking rest; for the Lord, having long tolerated their wickedness, was now resolved to pour upon them in full torrent his whole fury.” Let us be reminded of our need to repent, and may it prompt us to share the gospel more eagerly. View Resource

  • Joel and the Locust Invasion Devotional

    Joel 1

    The Lord is not presently speaking in such a way as to tell us the reasons for every disaster; thus, we cannot with certainty identify any natural disaster today as His direct judgment on sin. Yet Scripture says natural disasters anticipate the day of the Lord to come, so they give us an opportunity to reflect on judgment day, reminding us that we must preach the gospel to people who, if they remain impenitent, will suffer far more on that day than they can in any present disaster. View Resource

  • The Lord’s Answer to Habakkuk Devotional

    Habakkuk 2:6–20

    God’s answer to Habakkuk reminds us of the limitations of our perspective. To us, it sometimes seems as if the wicked will prosper forever. However, since the Lord uses even the wicked to achieve His purposes, one day they will surely receive what is coming to them from His justice, and we will be vindicated. When we see evil men and women apparently succeeding, let us be reminded that such success is always temporary and that the Lord will set all things right in the end. View Resource

  • Habakkuk Questions the Lord Devotional

    Habakkuk 1:12–2:1

    To ask questions of God in faith means asking Him with the willingness to be content with His answer or even if He never appears to give us an answer at all. To ask questions of the Lord in a faithless manner is to demand an answer or to find certain answers unacceptable. As we wrestle with God in prayer, let us take care that we always come before Him in faith, trusting in His goodness and willing to be content with whatever He gives us. View Resource

  • Judgment and Salvation Devotional

    Isaiah 59:14–21

    We who have been purchased by Christ might sometimes feel like we should just go along with the unrighteousness around us. Yet though the cost of following the Lord is great, and may even be greater in the days ahead, we should never lose hope and think our suffering is in vain. For as Isaiah also says in today’s passage, “a Redeemer will come to Zion” (Isa. 59:20). God will intervene to vindicate us, revealing to the whole world on the last day that we made the right choice in obeying Him. View Resource

  • The Little Apocalypse Devotional

    Isaiah 24

    The final judgment in today’s chapter was predicted to come after the exile of Israel and Judah. We live on the other side of this exile, though the New Testament does not foresee it coming to its full and final end until the return of Christ. Nevertheless, we are closer to the day of judgment today then we were yesterday, and we will be even closer to it tomorrow. Are you ready to endure that great day by resting in Christ’s righteousness alone? View Resource