• Condemned to Extinction Devotional

    2 Peter 2:5–8

    The Bible is filled with contrasts between the ways of the righteous and the ways of the wicked. Though only the perfect righteousness of Christ can justify a person, those who have been justified endeavor to obey God’s righteous law. The righteous are those who will be saved, and today’s passage implies that the righteous will be troubled by the wickedness around them. Ask the Lord to make you sensitive to and disgusted by wickedness even as you seek to lead others out of it. View Resource

  • Judgment Begins Devotional

    1 Peter 4:17

    The history of God’s people indicates that judgment always begins within the covenant community. For example, the Israelites were sent into exile before the wicked Babylonian empire was judged. Today’s passage expressly states that judgment begins with the house of God. Though we may not always know why we suffer, if we respond properly we will either be purified, disciplined, or gain some kind of heavenly reward. Ask the Lord to help you respond rightly to suffering. View Resource

  • One Law Giver Devotional

    James 4:11–12

    There is most certainly a place for evaluating the spiritual health of the members of our churches. However, this is to be done predominantly by the elders of the church in love and according to the standards of the Law. Unfortunately, far too many of us forget this and slander fellow believers with our gossip while denying that we are motivated by bitterness and jealousy. Repent today if you are guilty of gossip and do what you can to preserve your neighbor’s good name. View Resource

  • Judgment for Teachers Devotional

    James 3:1–2

    Today’s passage warns us about taking up the task of teaching too casually. When we accept such a position of influence over others, whether in an official, ministerial capacity or not, God will judge the words we speak more strictly. If you are in a teaching position now, carefully prepare your lessons so that you teach only what the Bible teaches. If you are not currently serving as a teacher, spend much time in prayer and consideration before you volunteer to be one. View Resource

  • Profaning the Blood Devotional

    Hebrews 10:28-29

    Too many churches today encourage unbelievers to take Jesus on “a test drive.” People outside the church are encouraged to join churches without clear professions of faith. If you are a church member and do not believe in Christ, repent and believe today or you will face a much stricter judgment than those outside the church. View Resource

  • Woe to Jerusalem! Devotional

    Isaiah 29

    If you know someone who doesn’t ever seem to understand the truth no matter how much you argue with him, no matter how many logical points you make, pray to the Lord and ask Him to open his heart. If a person is blind to the truth, only the power of God can make him see it. View Resource

  • Judgment on “the Earth” Devotional

    Isaiah 24

    Read Isaiah 24 today. What is your impression of the Lord after you read this pronouncement of judgment? Salvation from God’s wrath can come only through the promise of Christ that He will save those who turn from their sin and put their faith in Him. Pray for your nation today, that it will repent and follow the ways of Christ. View Resource

  • Crossing the Red Sea Devotional

    Exodus 14:21–31

    What is your response when you see the wicked judged? Is it one of ungodly delight or does it cause you to look heavenward, to fear and praise God? As you read today’s passage, what attributes of God stand out? How does your knowledge of these characteristics of God strengthen your faith in Him? View Resource

  • Making Judgments Devotional

    Psalm 41

    How quick are you to judge others? Do you make conclusions and judgments about other people’s circumstances that you should not? Do you find yourself shunning poor people because you consider them outcasts? Confess to God such judgmental attitudes and strive to give the benefit of the doubt. View Resource

  • The Inevitability of Judgment Devotional

    Romans 2:1–16

    Obedience means submission. If we obey the law because it is God’s law, we are showing trust in Him. If we “do what is right,” ignoring the element of submission, we are acting in pride. Such “good deeds” are faithless and sinful. True obedience is a sign of faith, and only those who trust and obey will be saved. View Resource

  • The “Innocent Native” Devotional

    Matthew 9:9–13

    All people are without excuse before God. The knowledge that apart from Jesus Christ there can be no salvation ought to motivate us strongly in support of missions. Purpose this day to support missionaries at home and abroad. Pray regularly for them and their families. View Resource

  • Judgment Day in Athens Devotional

    Acts 17:22–34

    Paul asserts all kinds of common ground with the Greeks. Paul does not confuse common ground with neutral ground. At every point, the Greeks have misinterpreted this common ground because they suppress the truth. They must repent and change. Don’t compromise the truth, stand firm until the Judgment. View Resource

  • Salvation from the Old Evils Devotional

    Luke 1:76-77

    The popular myth about God is that He is all love and no wrath. Such a “god” is a mere idol. The God of the Bible, before whom we shall all stand, is righteous, and does not tolerate sin. Open your ears this week and notice how often you hear God mentioned. Is He the righteous God of the Bible or an idol? View Resource