• Judah’s Selfless Pledge Devotional

    Genesis 43:1–10

    Judah’s actions show him to be far different from the man who rejected Tamar and sold Joseph into slavery (Gen. 37–38). Now he is a servant of the living God. Matthew Henry says Judah, to show his repentance, “would make some amends for the irreparable injury he had done him [Jacob] by doubling his care concerning Benjamin.” Those sorry for their sin try to make amends for the harm they have done. Is there somebody to whom you need to make amends? View Resource

  • Judah Repents Devotional

    Genesis 38:20–26

    Judah’s disobedient refusal to give Tamar a husband showed his faith was weak (James 2:14–26). We likewise show our faith to be wanting when we sin. Like Judah, we should be willing to confess our sins before God and others whom we trust when the Spirit pricks our consciences. John Calvin writes: “Truth should so far prevail with us, that we should not be ashamed to confess, before the whole world, those sins with which God charges us.” View Resource

  • Wicked Sons of Judah Devotional

    Genesis 38:1–11

    Paul tells us that anyone who fails to provide for his family has denied the faith and is “worse than an unbeliever” (1 Tim. 5:8). Onan was killed when he would not give a son to Er or a provider for Tamar, and so we must not take a failure to provide for our families lightly. Note that provision is much more than just food and shelter. God will also reckon with us if we fail to spend quality time with spouses and children or do not point them to Christ (1 Sam. 3:10–14). View Resource

  • A Priest from Judah Devotional

    Hebrews 7:13–14

    We serve Christ as the sovereign King seated at the right hand of the Father. But this sovereign King also serves as High Priest, interceding on our behalf. The kings of this world would never express such concerns for their subjects. Worship Christ as both a mighty, sovereign King and a loving, merciful High Priest. View Resource

  • Judah’s Inheritance Devotional

    Joshua 15:1–12

    Judah, being a populous tribe, was given a big territory—and a big responsibility. It was stationed on the border between Israel and some of its fiercest enemies. The Bible declares that ” ‘to whom much is given, from him much will be required’ ” (Luke 12:48). Think today about what you guard. What does God require of you? View Resource