• The Land of Egypt Devotional

    Exodus 1:8–14

    Pharaoh’s oppression of Israel did not take God by surprise (Gen. 15:12–16), and so we should understand that the trials we encounter do not take Him by surprise either. The blessings of the Lord upon us may provoke others to jealousy and even a kind of persecution, but as He did with Egypt (Ex. 14:4), God will use such trouble to bring Himself glory. Even the most minor trials we face are opportunities for our Creator to be glorified. View Resource

  • A Rich Man Buries a Poor Man Devotional

    Matthew 27:57–61

    Besides Joseph of Arimathea’s faithfulness in our Lord’s burial, note that Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James and Joseph are also present when Jesus is laid to rest (Matt. 27:56, 61). Matthew Henry writes, “True love for Christ will carry us through to the utmost, in following him. Death itself cannot quench that divine fire.” Pray today that your fervor for Jesus would increase and that neither shame nor fear would keep you from following Him. View Resource

  • To Be Continued Devotional

    Genesis 50:22–26

    The history of Israel — the history of all those who by faith in Jesus alone are reckoned as God’s people — continues today. The story did not end when God closed the canon of Scripture, the church continues to wait for God to fulfill His covenant promise through the return of Jesus. We are all an important part of God’s story, called to obey His Word, so that by our witness and repentance we may hasten “the coming of the day of God” (2 Peter 3:11–12). View Resource

  • Why Sovereignty Matters Devotional

    Genesis 50:20–21

    Hear these encouraging comments from John Calvin: “Let the impious busy themselves as they please, let them rage, let them mingle heaven and earth; yet they shall gain nothing by their ardor; and not only shall their impetuosity prove ineffectual, but shall be turned to an issue the reverse of that which they intended, so that they shall promote our salvation, though they do it reluctantly.” Rejoice and be glad, for our God reigns over both good and evil! View Resource

  • Joseph and His Brothers Devotional

    Genesis 50:15–19

    Joseph never sought revenge on his brothers, but do we do the same when we are sinned against? Yet we are to forgive as well, even if we find it difficult. John Calvin writes that “if we have an arduous conflict with the impetuosity of an angry temper, or the obstinacy of a disposition to hatred, we must pray to the Lord for a spirit of meekness, the force of which manifests itself not less effectually, at this day, in the members of Christ, than formerly in Joseph.” View Resource

  • Joseph Keeps His Pledge Devotional

    Genesis 50:4–6

    As we grow older and leave our parents it can be hard to understand what it means to honor our father and mother (Ex. 20:12). Still, this command does not become null and void once we no longer live in our parents’ household. We are still obligated to respect them and seek to fulfill their godly requests. We may honor our father and mother by endeavoring to spend time with them, learning from them, and doing what they ask us to do. View Resource

  • Joseph’s Protest Devotional

    Genesis 48:15–20

    John Calvin comments, saying the Lord purposely changed “the law of nature, to teach us that what he freely confers upon us, is entirely the result of his own will.” We tend to think, at least subconsciously, that God chooses us because we are nicer or cuter or smarter than our neighbor. But let us remember that we were in bondage to sin and that the Lord saved us in His mercy, not because we were or are deserving (Titus 3:3–7). Never forget God’s amazing grace. View Resource

  • The Beloved Leader Devotional

    Genesis 47:23–26

    John Chrysostom explains what will come to lay people who are a special blessing to their pastors. “If anyone renders a service to those afflicted for God’s sake and carrying the dignity of priesthood, he will …[enjoy a reward] many times more abundant, since the loving God generously surpasses without fail what we do” (Homilies on Genesis, 65.15–16). Take time today to encourage your pastor and contribute your time and talents to your local church. View Resource

  • Joseph Feeds the Earth Devotional

    Genesis 47:13–22

    According to John Calvin and Matthew Henry, the famine and relief described in today’s passage remind us that we live and die at God’s mercy. It is easy to forget that we live, move, and have our being in the Lord (Acts 17:28) and that we must be grateful to Him for every blessing in our lives. When we forget Him, as a later pharaoh reveals, we cannot be surprised if we suffer the consequences. Offer thanks to God for the many specific blessings in your life today. View Resource

  • Quarreling Forbidden Devotional

    Genesis 45:21–24

    Matthew Henry writes: “We are guilty, truly guilty, and, instead of quarrelling with one another, have a great deal of reason to quarrel with ourselves.” It does us no good to blame the others involved when we must own up to our misdeeds. We should just humbly admit our sin and ask for pardon. Let us also take care not to major on the minors and make relatively minor theological positions a litmus test for fellowship. View Resource

  • Pharaoh’s Blessing Devotional

    Genesis 45:16-20

    In Galatians 6:10 Paul tells us to “do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.” If those who bless Abraham’s seed will be blessed (Gen. 12:1–3), then we can expect the Lord to be pleased with us if we show favor to others — especially believers. All of us should seek to serve others. Find a way to meet the needs of others in your church, perhaps through encouraging words or by providing a meal. View Resource

  • Talking and Weeping Devotional

    Genesis 45:9-15

    Joseph’s weeping in today’s passage shows how he longed once again to experience fellowship with those who wronged him. One of the marks of sanctification is that we long for broken relationships to be restored, and so we must do all we can to extend fellowship even to those who have sinned against us grossly. As others seek your forgiveness, do what you can to assure them your pardon is real and avoid bringing up their past offenses again and again. View Resource

  • Joseph Reveals Himself Devotional

    Genesis 45:1-3

    Forgiveness is not optional for the Christian. In fact, one of the assumptions of the Lord’s Prayer is that we must be forgiving people if we would dare to ask our Father in heaven to forgive us (Luke 11:4). And we cannot legitimately expect to be forgiven by God if we do not forgive others, for those who do not forgive have not received the Lord’s grace (Mark 11:25; 1 John 4:7–8). Forgive today that person against whom you have been holding a grudge. View Resource

  • Judah Gives Himself Up Devotional

    Genesis 44:30–34

    “Whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it” (Matt. 16:25). Even if we are not martyred for the faith, we are to give our lives over to Jesus. This may mean having your children frown upon you when you demand they keep from doing what everybody else is doing. Or it may be that you must speak forthrightly regarding a friend’s behavior even if you might lose the friendship. Will you lay down your life for Christ this day? View Resource

  • Judah Steps Forward Devotional

    Genesis 44:18–29

    Some of us may have had parents who loved a brother or sister more than they loved us. Some may let this fester into bitterness, leading them to neglect their duty to honor their parents and love their siblings. Even if our families were not like this, all of us have experienced feelings of rejection and exclusion. This too can fester into bitter anger. Confess any resentment you may hold against God or others and know that the Lord loves you. View Resource