• The Bearer of Bad News Devotional

    Genesis 40:16-19

    We Reformed Christians are known for our concern for precision in theology and for seeking to preach the unvarnished Word of God. These are good traits indeed. However, we must likewise be eager to hear hard truths when they are delivered to us. None of us likes to be warned or rebuked, and it can be easy to follow after teaching that pleases our ears but does not really meet the needs of our souls. Let us heed Scripture even when it is difficult to do so. View Resource

  • The Beloved Leader Devotional

    Genesis 47:23–26

    John Chrysostom explains what will come to lay people who are a special blessing to their pastors. “If anyone renders a service to those afflicted for God’s sake and carrying the dignity of priesthood, he will …[enjoy a reward] many times more abundant, since the loving God generously surpasses without fail what we do” (Homilies on Genesis, 65.15–16). Take time today to encourage your pastor and contribute your time and talents to your local church. View Resource

  • The Bones of Joseph Devotional

    Hebrews 11:22

    The Bible does not teach that we will spend eternity as disembodied spirits. Rather, it teaches that one day our physical bodies will be transformed along with all of creation, and that we will live on in glorified bodies. Rejoice that God will make even our flesh new, and look forward to the day of resurrection. View Resource

  • Joseph and His Brothers Devotional

    Genesis 50:15–19

    Joseph never sought revenge on his brothers, but do we do the same when we are sinned against? Yet we are to forgive as well, even if we find it difficult. John Calvin writes that “if we have an arduous conflict with the impetuosity of an angry temper, or the obstinacy of a disposition to hatred, we must pray to the Lord for a spirit of meekness, the force of which manifests itself not less effectually, at this day, in the members of Christ, than formerly in Joseph.” View Resource

  • Joseph Bears Witness Devotional

    Genesis 41:46-57

    Especially in the United States, many people aspire to be the “self-made man.” Yet we who serve Christ know that there is no such thing. God, in his sovereignty, is the one who dictates what makes a man. And a man, in His eyes, is he who loves the Lord with all his heart and loves his neighbor as himself (Mark 12:28–34). We must remember that it is God our king who “preserves all who love him” and destroys all the wicked (Ps. 145:14, 20). View Resource

  • Joseph Feeds the Earth Devotional

    Genesis 47:13–22

    According to John Calvin and Matthew Henry, the famine and relief described in today’s passage remind us that we live and die at God’s mercy. It is easy to forget that we live, move, and have our being in the Lord (Acts 17:28) and that we must be grateful to Him for every blessing in our lives. When we forget Him, as a later pharaoh reveals, we cannot be surprised if we suffer the consequences. Offer thanks to God for the many specific blessings in your life today. View Resource

  • Joseph Forgotten? Devotional

    Genesis 40:20–23

    Isaiah 49:15 tells us that the unthinkable may even happen at times — a mother forgets her nursing baby. But God will never forget His people. Even when we do not see His helping hand, the Lord remembers us in our trials and afflictions. The assurance Moses gives us that God was with Joseph (Gen. 39:21) is for all those who trust Jesus. Do not despair, no matter what is happening to you, for the sovereign Lord of all can by no means ever forget you (Heb. 13:5). View Resource

  • Joseph Goes to Dothan Devotional

    Genesis 37:12–17

    Joseph’s haughtiness only worsened his precarious situation and shows us the danger of pride. As Christians, we should be the most humble of all people, especially as we deal with non-believers. Some will think us arrogant simply for asserting that Jesus alone is the way to salvation, but we must not fuel this belief with a prideful attitude. We are not better or smarter than others because we know Christ, and so we must never act as if we are inherently superior to anyone. View Resource

  • Joseph Keeps His Pledge Devotional

    Genesis 50:4–6

    As we grow older and leave our parents it can be hard to understand what it means to honor our father and mother (Ex. 20:12). Still, this command does not become null and void once we no longer live in our parents’ household. We are still obligated to respect them and seek to fulfill their godly requests. We may honor our father and mother by endeavoring to spend time with them, learning from them, and doing what they ask us to do. View Resource

  • Joseph Remembered Devotional

    Genesis 41:1–13

    Matthew Henry notes that if the chief cupbearer had commended Joseph to the pharaoh right away, he might have gone back to Canaan and not be in a position to interpret the dream and save his family. Indeed, as Henry says, Joseph could later look back and see that “God’s time for the release of his people will appear at last to be the fittest time” (Gen. 50:20). The Lord may intervene at what seems to be the midnight hour, but He always intervenes according to His timing. View Resource

  • Joseph Reveals Himself Devotional

    Genesis 45:1-3

    Forgiveness is not optional for the Christian. In fact, one of the assumptions of the Lord’s Prayer is that we must be forgiving people if we would dare to ask our Father in heaven to forgive us (Luke 11:4). And we cannot legitimately expect to be forgiven by God if we do not forgive others, for those who do not forgive have not received the Lord’s grace (Mark 11:25; 1 John 4:7–8). Forgive today that person against whom you have been holding a grudge. View Resource

  • Joseph’s Accusations Devotional

    Genesis 42:7–17

    Confronting someone in sin is always difficult. Perhaps you are a parent who must discipline a child. Maybe you are an elder tasked with confronting a church member engaged in unrepentant sin. Whatever the case, it is hard to speak the truth in love when hard truths must be told. But God often uses our confronting of others to lead them to repentance. Do not be afraid to confront sinners, but always do it with compassion and the hope it will produce repentance. View Resource

  • Joseph’s Ascendancy Devotional

    Genesis 41:37-45

    The Spirit who gave wisdom to Jacob and empowered Christ to rule over all is the same Holy Spirit whom the Father freely grants to His people today (John 14:15–17). Even now He is writing God’s law on our hearts and slaying the remaining vestiges of sin and death. As we submit to Him, the Spirit’s work to make us holy becomes more and more evident in our lives. Let us cease resisting His direction and conviction so that we may become more like Him. View Resource

  • Joseph’s Humility Devotional

    Genesis 41:14-32

    Each one of us must join with Paul and confess that “by the grace of God I am what I am” (1 Cor. 15:10). The cross of Jesus Christ and the presence of the Spirit crush any thought of self-sufficiency. We have no ability in and of ourselves to minister in this world, and we do all things only by His grace. Consider how often you thank the Lord for His gifts to you. Even if you do not have an opportunity to do so publicly, make sure to recognize His gracious gifts to you. View Resource

  • Joseph’s Plea for Help Devotional

    Genesis 40:9–15

    In response to those who said God’s sovereignty over death makes it useless to do anything to prevent that death, John Calvin wrote that we must avail ourselves of any chance we have to preserve our lives. We must not rush headlong into the disasters God warns us about, for the Lord has called us to protect ourselves (Institutes, 1.17.4). In other words, God’s providence does not mean that our deeds are pointless. We are responsible to act for the sake of the kingdom. View Resource