• Jonah’s Anger Devotional

    Jonah 4

    Jonah’s depression over the death of a plant (Jonah 4:5–9), Dr. R.C. Sproul tells us, means that the prophet cared more about plants than about people. Jonah forgot that no sinner deserves God’s forgiveness—even a prophet of God Almighty—and wanted to withhold the possibility of pardon from those he deemed unfit for the kingdom. But we are all unfit for the kingdom, so we should long for the Lord to save others just as He has saved us. View Resource

  • The Lord Spares Nineveh Devotional

    Jonah 3

    God’s Word always achieves the purpose for which it is ultimately intended (Isa. 55:10–11). Sometimes His promise of judgment prompts people to repent, as it did when Jonah preached it to Nineveh. Sometimes it makes people harden their hearts against the Lord, as it did when Moses spoke to Pharaoh (Ex. 8:19). In both cases, however, it did what it was supposed to do. We can likewise be confident that His Word will achieve His purposes when we faithfully preach His gospel. View Resource

  • Salvation is of the LORD Devotional

    Jonah 1:17–2:10

    We bring nothing to the Lord when we come to Him for salvation. Even our faith, the instrument of our justification, is a gift from Him (Eph. 2:8–10). This is a great truth that we must tell ourselves repeatedly, for otherwise we will certainly forget it. One way we can do this is to consciously look for evidence of God’s grace in the stories recorded in Scripture. God’s grace to Jonah in saving him with the fish reminds us that salvation is all of Him. View Resource

  • Running Away from God Devotional

    Jonah 1:3–16

    We might be tempted to look down on Jonah for fleeing to Tarshish. However, when we remember how many times we ignore God’s call, we realize that we are no better than the prophet. When Jesus commands us to do something, we need to heed His words immediately or to repent when we fail to do so. Are you putting off or ignoring the call of Christ? Repent of that today, and begin to fulfill what the Lord wants you to do. View Resource

  • The Prophet to Assyria Devotional

    Jonah 1:1–2

    Despite God’s promise to Abraham that His descendants would bring blessing to the world (Gen. 12:1–3), the old covenant community, as a whole, tried to keep the Lord’s blessings for themselves and did not reach out to the nations. Christians, of course, are just as susceptible to this error of hiding our light under a bushel. May we not do this but be willing to pray, give, and do whatever is necessary to reach all nations with the gospel. View Resource

  • The Sign of Jonah Devotional

    Matthew 12:38–42

    No miracle will ever be sufficient to engender faith within those who love their sin and refuse to turn to God. People are being insincere when they say they will believe if they see a miracle, for there is plenty of evidence of the truth of Jesus in the accounts of His resurrection, the spread of the Gospel, and the lives and societies changed by obedience to His message. Pray that you would always be able to see these proofs for the truth of our Lord’s words. View Resource

  • Jonah’s Anger Devotional

    Jonah 4

    Our attitudes toward non-believers can prevent us from spreading the good news. Our Father has His elect among every race and class (Rev. 5:9–10), and there is no sinner He cannot redeem, no matter his evil. How do you regard the non-believers around you? Do you think they cannot be saved? What are you doing to extend the Gospel to those on the margins of society? Consider helping an organization that ministers to “outcasts,” such as a prison ministry. View Resource

  • God Relented Devotional

    Jonah 3

    The window of forty days in Jonah 3:4 is the first indication the announced judgment on Nineveh may not be absolute. God is free to hide His secret will from us and warn of judgments He knows will never come to pass. The warnings in Scripture must not make us inactive; rather, we should be moved to change our ways by our knowledge that God is merciful. Today, let His mercy and justice motivate you to follow Him in a way you have not done so before. View Resource

  • God Rescues Jonah Devotional

    Jonah 2

    In His mercy, the Lord may discipline His people for sin in order that we may not fall further away. And as the example of Jonah indicates, He will also provide the rescue from this discipline by preserving us and moving us to repentance. If you are experiencing the corrective hand of the Lord today, turn from your sin that you might be restored. But do not delay, for while God will rescue His people, we can never use this as an excuse to remain disobedient. View Resource

  • Jonah, Son of Amittai Devotional

    Jonah 1

    The story makes clear that the sailors onboard Jonah’s vessel are more concerned to obey God than Jonah was. A non-believer’s good deeds can never save his soul, but we should be ashamed anytime non-Christians are more concerned with living properly than we are. It is a scandal whenever we do not defend the poor or call for justice and righteousness by our words and deeds. Help serve a Christian organization that does these things in your community. View Resource