• Our Debt to the Jews Devotional

    Romans 15:25–27

    As Gentile Christians, we owe a great debt to the old covenant community and the Jewish people. God chose them as the first recipients of His special revelation. He saves the world through a Messiah who is of Jewish ethnicity. Jewish Apostles wrote the vast majority of the New Testament (Luke-Acts being the exception) and preached the gospel to the Gentiles. Let us not forget that debt, and let us seek to “repay” it by supporting Christian ministry to the Jewish people. View Resource

  • The Hope of Jews and Gentiles Devotional

    Romans 15:8–12

    Christ came to meet the needs of His people, to humble Himself and do whatever was necessary to redeem us from our bondage to sin. He did this without respect to ethnicity, which means that we are to welcome all who trust in Christ alone no matter their background. Jesus has confirmed the promises to the patriarchs, and therefore we are to seek unity among all Christians of every nationality, unity that is grounded in the truth of our Lord’s person and work. View Resource