• The Miracle of Restoration Devotional

    Romans 11:23-24

    Scripture teaches that the elect can never fall away finally, but it also tells us that the Lord works in and through our decisions to keep us from such a fall. The Bible’s warnings about falling away are real; it is just that we know the Spirit uses them in the hearts of the elect to make us persevere. Do you want assurance that you are elect? Consider how you respond to these warnings. If you take them seriously and seek the Lord’s face that He would preserve you, then you are His child. View Resource

  • Riches for the World Devotional

    Romans 11:11-12

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage, “The nation had not fallen [so far], so that he who is a Jew must necessarily perish or be alienated from God.” Though the Israel according to the flesh has been resistant to believing in Christ, this will not last forever. Not all Jews will be saved—just as not all Gentiles will be saved—but the Lord will bring the Israel according to the flesh into His kingdom. And He may do so through us as we share the gospel with the Jewish people. View Resource

  • Paul’s Love for His Kinsmen Devotional

    Romans 9:1-3

    Paul’s teaching on divine election throughout the rest of Romans 9 shows that he knew that it was impossible for God to reject him—an elect person—for the sake of the reprobate. However, Paul’s love as displayed in his asking to be cut off for the sake of the Jews is still an example for us. It models the love of Christ, who was willing to be rejected Himself so that His people could be saved. Let us ask the Lord to create in us self-sacrificial love for our friends, family, and neighbors. View Resource