• A Priest Forever Devotional

    Psalm 110

    Perhaps the most thrilling promise of Psalm 110 is that God will set the Davidic king as ruler over all. Jesus was this king, and even now He fulfills this through His people (2 Tim. 2:12a). Are you facing difficult circumstances? Do you feel as if your enemies have defeated you? Do not fear, for God is working to bring all things under Christ’s feet, and His kingdom will one day be plain to all. Pray today for the defeat of Satan and his realm. View Resource

  • Born of Him Devotional

    1 John 5:1

    When we are sure we are born of God we can be more sure we will overcome the world. This will lead us to live the Christian life more confidently and see many answers to prayer as we pray more and more according to God’s will (1 John 5:13–15). Take some time today to review the teaching of 1 John and thank Him for the lessons we have learned. Ask the Lord to increase your assurance so you may overcome the world for the sake of the kingdom. View Resource

  • Whoever Has the Son Devotional

    1 John 5:11–12

    Our sovereign God has chosen to grant eternal life only to those who will receive His Son. As Reformed evangelicals we are likely to have no problem affirming this teaching, but how many of us neglect sharing the Gospel with lost family, friends, and neighbors and thereby in practice deny that life comes only in His name? If you do not know any non-Christians, meet one and endeavor to share the Gospel with him. View Resource

  • Overcoming the World Devotional

    1 John 5:4–5

    Do you believe Jesus is the divine Word of God who became incarnate for the sake of our salvation? Do you believe He is truly God and truly man? If so, this verse promises you will overcome the world. Are you overcoming the world today? Do you find yourself walking in victory over sin and evil? If not, confess your faith in the Lord again and draw near to Him. Find at least one friend who will help point you to the cross in your time of need. View Resource

  • Born of God Devotional

    1 John 5:1

    The Bible is clear that all who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved (Acts 2:21). All who trust in Jesus Christ alone are true believers, even though disagreement may exist about issues not central to His identity. These issues may include things like the end times, sacraments, and church government. Do you love those who are outside of your denomination? Pray that God would give you a loving heart toward all His people. View Resource

  • The Person of Christ Devotional

    John 8:31–59

    The gentle and compassionate nature of Christ that shines through in the Gospels leads many non-Christians to admire Jesus as a teacher. Of course, they will not want to confess Jesus’ deity, because to do so would mean that His authority cannot be ignored; as the Son of God, He must be revered as Lord and King. As you hear others express appreciation for Jesus as a teacher, remind them that His own teachings demand submission to Him as the Lord of all creation. View Resource

  • Our Advocate Devotional

    1 John 2:1

    Everyone who is reading this devotional today has not walked in the light as he should. Each of us has fallen short of the glory of God and will fall short of it again in the future. But those of us who have embraced Christ should not let failures lead us away from the Savior. He is our Advocate, and there is nothing we have done that cannot be forgiven — provided we repent of our sins and turn to Christ alone for salvation. Come before the Lord today in repentance. View Resource

  • Be Diligent Devotional

    2 Peter 3:14

    Only if we are in Christ will we be spotless and therefore pure enough to enter the world to come. His righteousness imputed to us in justification will be the only thing that secures our entry into heaven. However, our justification reveals itself in that we are concerned to be conformed to Christ’s blamelessness in our sanctification. As you rejoice in the gift of Jesus’ perfect righteousness, always remember that this gift must motivate you to manifest holiness yourself. View Resource

  • Jesus and Authority Devotional

    Luke 10:25–37

    In John 13:20, Jesus tells His apostles that whoever receives them receives Him. We cannot separate our reception of Jesus as Lord with our reception of His apostles and the Bible that He has given us through them. If we do not accept the words of the apostles (and his old covenant emissaries ­— the prophets), we have not accepted the Lordship of Christ. Ask the Lord always to remind you that believing in Him means believing His Word. View Resource

  • Subsequent Glories Devotional

    1 Peter 1:10–12

    Today’s passage tells us that the inauguration of the new covenant in Christ included both suffering and glory. Until this covenant is consummated at the return of Jesus, suffering and glory will remain the lot of God’s people. As you suffer for the kingdom, remember that hardship is only temporary, but the glories of heaven will be eternal. Do what you can to testify about future glory as you and those around you suffer illness, discrimination, or persecution. View Resource

  • Forever the Same Devotional

    Hebrews 13:8–9

    Do you really believe that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever? Do you believe that He will provide for you as He has in the past? Do you believe His love for you will continue forever? In prayer, ask the Lord to forgive you when you doubt His consistency, and ask Him to increase your faith in the ever-faithful Savior. View Resource

  • Consider Jesus Devotional

    Hebrews 12:3

    As you run for the prize of heaven have you ever found yourself weary? Perhaps you might even be weary now as you endure many problems and trials. Whether you feel weary now or strong, take some time to meditate on Jesus today. Let His faithfulness in the midst of adversity be your inspiration to continue running the race. View Resource

  • Looking to Jesus Devotional

    Hebrews 12:2

    Our faith looks to Jesus both as an example of perseverance and as our reward. When we take our eyes off of Him, our circumstances are sure to weigh us down. Take some time today to look not at your situation but at Jesus. Praise and worship Him for He is the prize for which we run and only He can give us endurance. View Resource

  • Redeemed by Faith Devotional

    Romans 3:19–28

    We cannot live our lives before the face of God until we are clear that it is the perfect obedience of Christ alone that saves us. If we think that we earn our own righteousness, we have not been justified, and we have not been reconciled to God. Have you trusted Christ alone for salvation or are you still trying to earn it? View Resource

  • The New and Living Way Devotional

    Hebrews 10:19–20

    Most of the old covenant saints could never enter into the Holy of Holies. Even the high priest who could enter could do so only once a year. But through Christ, we can enter God’s presence daily in our worship and prayer. Rejoice in this privilege, and remember that by Christ you stand in the presence of God. View Resource