• Jesus Our Cornerstone Devotional

    Luke 20:9-18

    Even believers are not immune to the temptation that calls us to treat the commands of God as ends in themselves. But God’s law is not in itself the end; rather, it always points us to Christ and is something that we follow in gratitude for having been redeemed through the blood of Jesus, who is Himself the end of the law. How are you tempted to rest on the commandments of the law and not the rock that is Christ Jesus. View Resource

  • Rock of Ages Devotional

    Psalm 71:1-3

    We are accustomed to identifying our enemies solely as those who hate us here on earth and whose opposition is easy to see and experience. Yet we should never forget that we come into this world at enmity with God and remain that way unless and until we repent of our sin and seek refuge in the rock of His righteousness. Let us thank Him that He has provided the only shelter that can guard us from His righteous wrath. View Resource

  • Our Everlasting Light Devotional

    Isaiah 60:19-20

    One of the greatest blessings we have to look forward to in Christ is the ability to dwell in a new heaven and earth with Him as our light. On that day, we will no longer stumble but will see clearly and love wholly His will for us. Having been set apart through His blood, we are even now beginning to walk, however imperfectly, in this light as we love God and neighbor, especially our neighbors with whom we gather to worship the Almighty. View Resource

  • Our Shepherd and Overseer Devotional

    1 Peter 2:25

    It is a great thing indeed to know Christ as the Good Shepherd. While His under-shepherds will fail us at times, His care for us is perfect, and it is impossible for Him to fail in tending to our needs. When we are discouraged with our leaders, let us not bicker and complain about them; rather, let us pray for them and continue trusting our entire selves to Christ, being encouraged that He is working out His purposes in our midst. View Resource

  • In the Bosom of the Shepherd Devotional

    Isaiah 40:11

    Israel’s God is the transcendent Lord over all, but He is not a deity who is far off and inaccessible. Instead, He delights to carry us in His arms and finds great joy in caring for our needs. Like a shepherd who tends, gathers, and leads his sheep, He takes care of His people. We should, therefore, not be afraid to bring our concerns before Him in prayer, nor should we ever think that our needs are trivial in His eyes. View Resource

  • The Sure Blessings of David Devotional

    Acts 13:13-52

    Being faithful and true, God must keep His covenant promises, so His pledge to give David’s greater son the holy and sure blessings of David is a pledge to bring Him back to life that He might, as the God-man, enjoy these blessings forever. If we are in Him, the Lord has also promised us the same life, which is the fulfillment of all the blessings that He speaks of in Scripture. In Christ, we have life eternal and will be resurrected on the final day. View Resource

  • Holiness Incarnate Devotional

    John 6:60–69

    Because He is the Holy One of Israel, Jesus can, through the power of His Holy Spirit, make us into His holy people. As we grow older, we should be seeing this work of holiness progress in our lives, as it is displayed in a greater sorrow for sin and deeper reliance on the Lord’s grace to save us from every vestige of wickedness that remains. Turn to Him this day, and He will grant you all of this and more. View Resource

  • The True Love of God Devotional

    1 John 4:10–12

    Dr. Joel Beeke writes in his Epistles of John that “the great motivation for practical, Christlike living is the doctrine of the cross; hence, every failure to love can be traced back to a failure to understand the cross. When the cross of Christ grips us, everything in our world changes” (p. 161). True love is costly and does good to others even when there is a risk of being hurt. Where can you sacrifice in order to show real love today? View Resource

  • Atoning for Iniquity Devotional

    Daniel 9:24–27

    Discussions of Daniel 9 often focus on calculating years, the delay of the seventieth week, and so on. All should agree, however, that the number 490 is at least partly symbolic of God’s determination in the fullness of time to offer a final atonement that culminates in eternal righteousness. Christ has offered this final atonement, gives us a taste of that age of righteousness by His Spirit, and will come again to make us unable to sin anymore. View Resource

  • A Sworn Oath to David Devotional

    Psalm 110

    We do not serve a king who is far off and unacquainted with our creaturely state. Rather, we have a Priest-King who has shared the human condition and has experienced the things we have experienced, albeit without sin (Heb. 2:14–18). He is therefore able to empathize with us, and thus He is able, by His Spirit, to fortify us and to walk with us through the greatest struggles in life, enabling us to stand firm for godliness and truth. View Resource

  • The Son Versus the Servant Devotional

    Hebrews 3:1–6

    Like Moses, we too are servants of God, and we want the Lord to pronounce us as good and faithful servants on the last day. While our service can by no means earn us a place in the kingdom and while it will always be imperfect, God will look at the pattern of His children’s lives and reward them for their deeds. Are you faithful to serve the Master of the house — the Lord Jesus Christ? Trust in God to give you what you need to be faithful to Him. View Resource

  • Reflecting His Image Devotional

    Pray this prayer: “Dear God, reveal to me the depth and riches of the nature of Your Son, Jesus.” View Resource

  • Nathanael Devotional

    John 1:43–51

    Whenever we have need, those in Christ are free to enter into the heavenlies and go before the Father through the doorway He opened (Heb. 7:23–25). You should never feel as if your concerns are trivial to God, for He has sent the Messiah, and it is through Him that we earnestly ask the Father to hear our prayers. We must also not think that God is unapproachable, for in Jesus we can be cleansed from all sins. Present your concerns, no matter how small, before God today. View Resource

  • John the Baptist Devotional

    John 1:19–34

    Typically, belief in Jesus’ lordship and resurrection spreads by hearing the preaching of the Gospel. In other instances, the glory of His name is spread in slightly different ways, perhaps through daily devotionals with family or through service to neighbors according to the will of the Messiah (Matt. 5:16, 19). If you are engaged in any of the aforementioned tasks, take heart, for you are helping to “increase” the name of Jesus on the earth. View Resource

  • Perfect Forever Devotional

    Hebrews 7

    Matthew Henry comments on Genesis 14, writing, “Jesus Christ, our great Melchizedek, is to have homage done him, and to be humbly acknowledged by every one of us as our king and priest; and not only the tithe of all, but all we have, must be surrendered and given to him.” We cannot receive the benefits of Christ’s sacrifice without submitting to His lordship (Matt. 7:21–23). Consider how you can use your money, time, and gifts in even greater service to the King. View Resource