• Blessings for Jacob and Esau Devotional

    Genesis 27:1-45

    It is comforting to know that despite our best efforts, we cannot undo the Lord’s intent to bless His children. Still, we cannot take this as a license to sin, for our evil ways will inevitably cause us much hardship in this life. We should also note that a persistent, impenitent refusal to walk in the path of Jesus can indicate that we are not redeemed, and that if we do not turn from our ways, we forfeit the blessing promised to all those in Christ. View Resource

  • A Wrestling People Devotional

    Genesis 32:22-32

    The weight of today’s passage lies in the fact that Jacob wrestled with God. Note, however, that Jacob could sustain the struggle only because of the Lord’s grace to Him. Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage: “We cannot prevail with God but in his own strength. It is his Spirit who intercedes in us, and helps us in our weakness (Rom. 8:26).” Commitment to the Lord in good and bad times depends on the help of His Holy Spirit. View Resource

  • Last Respects for Jacob Devotional

    Genesis 50:7–14

    The death of a believer provides us with a good opportunity to reaffirm our belief in the resurrection of the dead. Though we properly grieve the loss of a loved one because we no longer have fellowship with him on earth, we should also be joyful, because we know that our separation will only be temporary and that those who die in Christ have certainly passed into new life. Do what you can to encourage other believers to rejoice in Christ when Christians die. View Resource

  • Jacob’s Last Words Devotional

    Genesis 49:28–50:3

    Matthew Henry comments: “It is proper to show our respect to the poor body, of which we look for a glorious and joyful resurrection.” Scripture does not forbid cremation, but most Christians have buried their dead for the same reasons ancient Israel did. In any case, our physical bodies are not ignoble homes for the soul. Belief in a future resurrection on a renewed earth is made manifest when we take good care of ourselves — body and spirit. View Resource

  • Rueben Gets His Due Devotional

    Genesis 49:1–4

    As John Chrysostom preached, Reuben shows us that “no advantage comes to us from natural advantage unless accompanied by good deeds of free will” (Homilies on Genesis, 67.5). We cannot expect to escape God’s discipline when we transgress His will. Unconfessed sin bears rotten fruit on earth, though not necessarily right away. If you are suffering the consequences of your actions, do not consider God unjust and trust Him to work out His good will in your life. View Resource

  • Jacob: Lesson Learned Devotional

    Genesis 48:12–14

    Jacob learned the ways of the Lord who exalts what men might forget (Matt. 19:30) and gives a better blessing to the younger Ephraim while relying on God’s ways honestly, nobly, and carefully. If an outsider were called upon to write the history of your life, would character qualities like honesty and carefulness show themselves time and again? Would you be shown as a person who relied on God and did what He said was right, even when it cost you dearly? View Resource

  • Two More Sons of Israel Devotional

    Genesis 48:1–7

    John Calvin says that Joseph’s rush to see his father one last time shows he regards it “a greater privilege to be a son of Jacob, than to preside over a hundred kingdoms.” Joseph saw his father’s great faith on his deathbed and knew the blessing of his father’s God must be his or all else would be nothing. If the Lord tarries, we too may die before seeing the fullness of God’s promise. Will we be like Jacob and trust that God’s promise will be fulfilled, even if our death comes first? View Resource

  • The Promise Kept Devotional

    Genesis 46:8–25

    Today, we also wait for the promises of God to reach their fullness. And like Jacob we have evidence all around us that the Lord is keeping His word, though the proofs we can see are far greater. Around the world today, children of Abraham from every nation are being raised up to glorify God. Let us pray faithfully for the spread of the Gospel and give sacrificially that the kingdom may grow and Abraham’s sons and daughters be called to trust the Messiah. View Resource

  • The Move From Canaan Devotional

    Genesis 46:5–7

    Recently, one Christian leader rhetorically asked a conference audience: “When will we believe the power of God is where He says it is?” Basically, he was saying that though our efforts are important, our cleverness or respectability in the culture do not grow the Lord’s kingdom. We must learn to depend on the Spirit just as Jacob did and seek to follow the simple directions of God’s Word in our everyday lives. Only then will our impact be profound and lasting. View Resource

  • Jacob Trusts His Sons Devotional

    Genesis 43:11–15

    Trusting those who have lied or have otherwise wronged us is incredibly difficult. It often seems even harder to trust Christians who have sinned against us, because we realize they should have known better. But when there is evidence of faith and repentance in a person’s life, especially when seen over time, we must again trust those who have wronged us. If someone has sinned against you, trust them if there is evidence of repentance. View Resource

  • One Sin, Twelve Sons Devotional

    Genesis 35:22–26

    Reuben’s jealousy of Rachel and her sons motivated him to commit the heinous act of incest so that he and his mother might be the beloved ones of Jacob. Such envy provokes evil in a multitude of ways. Adam and Eve brought ruin to the earth when they were jealous of God’s autonomy and wanted it for themselves. Envy of church leaders or job supervisors provokes outright rebellion or gossip that tears down authority. Are you guilty of this sin? View Resource

  • Jacob’s Vow Fulfilled Devotional

    Genesis 35:13–15

    Jacob’s life was repetitive. He worshiped again and again at Bethel. He faithfully did the same tasks every day for twenty years in service to his crooked father-in-law (Gen. 31:36–41). Yet, the word God gives to Jacob near the end of his life is even greater than the one he received before he learned to lean on the Lord in even the mundane tasks. No believer is ignored by Him. God sees and rewards our daily service to spouses, children, friends, and neighbors. View Resource

  • The Promise Confirmed Devotional

    Genesis 35:9–12

    Secular psychology has rightly caused many believers to be wary of the emphasis on “self-esteem” found in many areas of life today. However, while secular attempts to improve one’s self-image are questionable at best, there is in Scripture a high dignity given to mankind, especially those who trust in Christ. In Jesus, we can fulfill our original mandate to rule wisely over the earth in righteousness. What can give us greater feeling of self-worth than that? View Resource

  • Jacob’s True Calling Devotional

    Genesis 35:1

    Matthew Henry also comments: “As many as God loves he will remind of neglected duties, one way or another, by conscience or by providences.” The Holy Spirit will not let us forget the vows we have made to serve Him. Have you left any promises unkept before the Lord? Maybe you have pledged a certain amount of money to your church? Perhaps you have children and have promised to raise them in the fear of God? Do not fail to keep your godly vows. View Resource

  • Two Different Responses Devotional

    Genesis 34:30–31

    We are greatly encouraged that the Lord is true to His word even when His people sin. If His blessings were based ultimately on our faithfulness, we would be totally lost. Still, while God was faithful despite Jacob’s unfaithfulness, the patriarch and his family would have avoided a lot of trouble had Jacob been more concerned to be an effective spiritual leader. Can others look to you as an example of a leader in godliness? View Resource