• God’s Irrevocable Gifts and Calling Devotional

    Romans 11:28-29

    God does choose to bless corporate entities, but not everyone who professes membership in a blessed group will fully enjoy the blessing. At present, there is a distinction between the invisible church and the visible church, and only at Jesus’ return will that distinction be done away with. When God says salvation is for Israel or for the church, he does not mean every individual member of that group but ultimately only those who possess the faith they profess. View Resource

  • Israel’s Temporary Hardening Devotional

    Romans 11:25-27

    Dr. Sproul also comments, “There is a future for ethnic Israel.” The church is not Israel’s replacement but its continuation that fulfills all that the true Israel ever was under the old covenant—that assembly of believing Jews such as Moses and believing Gentiles such as Ruth. God’s people will always include both Jews and Gentiles. We Gentiles must not pridefully think the Lord loves us more than the Jews, but we must work for harmony between all peoples in the church. View Resource

  • Broken Branches Devotional

    Romans 11:19-22

    In the name of Jesus, many Gentiles have committed atrocities against Jewish people due to their rejection of Christ, showing that Paul’s concern about Gentile arrogance was not unfounded. Those who committed such evils may not have been true believers in Jesus; however, our Jewish friends and neighbors may be unable to make such distinctions. This calls for sensitivity on our part as we preach the gospel to Jewish people and are firm that salvation is in Jesus alone. View Resource

  • The Jews and the Resurrection Devotional

    Romans 11:13-15

    Scripture often speaks in corporate categories, talking about the salvation of entire groups without meaning that every single person who is a part of that group will be saved. We see that in today’s passage, as Paul speaks of the reconciliation of the world (the Gentiles) and the restoration of Israel. Nevertheless, such corporate language is a hint that the number of the saved will be substantial. We should therefore expect—and pray for—God to bless the outreach of His church. View Resource

  • Who is Israel? Devotional

    Romans 11:7-10

    All Scripture is God-breathed (2 Tim. 3:16-17), and that means there is nothing insignificant in the Bible. Every word was carefully chosen by the Apostles and prophets, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, so we must put in the hard work required to understand each word in context. In so doing, we show the proper respect for our Creator, and we are equipped to rightly understand and apply the text of Scripture to our lives. View Resource

  • God’s Chosen Remnant Devotional

    Romans 11:1-5

    Ethnic Gentiles continue to vastly outnumber ethnic Jews in the company of God’s people. However, the fact that some Jews do believe in Jesus is proof of the Lord’s faithfulness to His Word. He has not rejected ethnic Israel, though that does not mean all Jews will be saved. Because He has not rejected His old covenant people, we can be sure that He will not reject His new covenant people. That is a tremendous encouragement for us to remain faithful to Him. View Resource

  • Israel’s Jealousy Devotional

    Romans 10:19-21

    That Israel’s rejection of their Messiah was foreseen centuries before it occurred gives us further reason to trust our most holy God. History unfolds exactly as He intends it to, and proof of that is seen in the fulfillment of prophecy that we see throughout the history of redemption. Even when we are confused by the way that things are turning out in our lives, we know that God is not confused, and we know He is working in all events for our good and His glory. View Resource

  • The Faith of the Gentiles Devotional

    Romans 9:30-33

    Embracing justification by our works is no minor error. Rather, it is a battle against our most holy Creator. John Calvin comments: “Christ has been given to us for righteousness, whosoever obtrudes on God the righteousness of works, attempts to rob him of his own office…. Whenever men, under the empty pretence of being zealous for righteousness, put confidence in their works, they do in their furious madness carry on war with God himself.” View Resource

  • God’s Purpose of Election Devotional

    Romans 9:10-13

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage that “the Lord in his gratuitous election is free and exempt from the necessity of imparting equally the same grace to all; but, on the contrary, he passes by whom he wills, and whom he wills he chooses.” God chooses people for salvation according to His good pleasure and not because of anything in them. In fact, He chooses to save sinners in spite of their sin. We should be eternally grateful that He does this; otherwise, no one could be saved. View Resource

  • Children of the Promise Devotional

    Romans 9:6-9

    There are some preachers who teach that God’s promises to Israel mean that all Jewish people will be saved regardless of whether they consciously put their faith in Christ. There are many people sitting in church pews who believe they are going to heaven simply because they are members of a local visible church. Neither of these positions is correct. Salvation comes to us only through faith, and it is only for those who believe in Christ. View Resource

  • The Privileges of Israel Devotional

    Romans 9:4-5

    Throughout the rest of Romans 9-11, Paul will explain that Israel has not been rejected but enlarged so that God’s chosen nation now includes everyone who believes in Christ, Jew and Gentile alike. Thus, if we have faith in Jesus, the blessings of adoption, glory, covenants, the law, worship, promises, patriarchs, and Christ are all ours as well. Let us live in gratitude for these gifts and never fail to appreciate how much the Lord has given us. View Resource

  • Faithless Shepherds Condemned Devotional

    Zechariah 10

    Daniel 9 had said the conditions of exile would be extended, and Zechariah’s prophecy in today’s passage confirms this. We should also see in Zechariah 10 that when God’s people do not respond in faith and obedience, their rescue may be—from our perspective—delayed. Of course, the Lord always knows exactly when His people will fulfill the conditions He has given to us. However, let us know that if we want blessing, we must obey today. View Resource

  • The Priest with Filthy Garments Devotional

    Zechariah 3:1-5

    Matthew Henry comments: “Christ loathed the filthiness of Joshua’s garments, yet did not put him away, but put them away. Thus God by his grace does with those whom he chooses to be priests to himself; he parts between them and their sins, and so prevents their sins parting between them and their God; he reconciles himself to the sinner, but not to the sin.” God accepts us not because we are deserving but because Christ is. This is our only hope in this world and the next. View Resource

  • Deborah Devotional

    Judges 4–5

    Most of us would likely be considered ordinary people who will never make the history books. From a human perspective, we may not seem all that “great.” Yet from God’s perspective, ordinary is what we want to be. He brings about His will through the instrumentality of ordinary people making ordinary decisions such as the best way to teach their children the Bible or how they can reach their next-door neighbor with the gospel. The Lord uses the ordinary to do the extraordinary. View Resource

  • Grace for God’s Adulterous Bride Devotional

    Ezekiel 16:15–63

    Many people think that God’s answer to sin is to keep people from committing it. On the contrary, His answer is often to give people over to it. When Israel wanted to commit spiritual adultery with other gods, God gave them over to those gods, as today’s passage indicates. His purpose, however, was restorative. He handed them over to their sin that they might learn the error of their ways. The Lord may do the same for us, but would it not be better to avoid such pain by obeying Him? View Resource