• The Vindicated Sufferer Devotional

    Isaiah 53:10–12

    If we are not careful, we will miss what is perhaps the most beautiful truth taught in Isaiah 53: the Messiah does not fail to save His people. He actually and fully saves them from first to last. Isaiah will have none of the idea that the atonement merely makes salvation potential; he agrees that it makes salvation actual and permanent for the elect. That is glorious. Calvin writes, “Men are not only taught righteousness in the school of Christ, but are actually justified.” View Resource

  • The Vision of Isaiah Devotional

    Isaiah 1:1–17

    God often causes His people to prosper materially, so we may enjoy the fruit of our godly labors. However, material abundance can be dangerous because, if we are not careful, we can forget the Source of all blessings and trust in the blessings themselves. That is why it is so important to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness, remembering that the Lord gives and the Lord takes away (Job 1:21b). No matter our level of prosperity, may we not forget that every good gift comes from Him. View Resource

  • The Voice in the Wilderness Devotional

    Mark 1:1–8

    As important as he was in God’s plan of salvation, John the Baptist was called not to exalt himself but to point to the Savior. That is our task today. As many have said, we are just “poor beggars telling other beggars where they can find bread.” Thus, we must continually point beyond ourselves to Christ, refusing to puff ourselves up but submitting wholly and eagerly to Him as the only Savior. In ourselves, we are nothing. Christ is everything. View Resource

  • Waiting for the Lord to Save Devotional

    Isaiah 40:12–31

    As we will see in the weeks ahead, the delay in God’s redemption that the exiles felt was due in part to their continued sin. The Lord would have to intervene in a powerful way to make His people the holy servants He intended them to be. God finally did this in Christ Jesus, but we still wait to receive the benefits of the redemption He purchased in all their fullness in the new heaven and earth (Rev. 21). But these benefits are surely ours, and we must wait in faith for their full revelation. View Resource

  • When Good and Evil are Confused Devotional

    Isaiah 5:8-30

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage: “If a woe is here pronounced even on private individuals, when they say of evil that it is good, and of good that it is evil, how much more on those who have been raised to any elevated, rank, and discharge a public office, whose duty it is to defend what is right and honorable!” Those who hold positions of leadership are tasked particularly with promoting what is right and good. God’s people must hold leaders accountable when they endorse evil. View Resource

  • The Willing Sufferer Devotional

    Isaiah 53:4–9

    Born in Adam, we are God’s enemies as long as we remain in Adam and are unwilling to obey Him. This disobedience must be atoned for, but only willing obedience can cover disobedience. When the Messiah went to the cross, He did so willingly in an act that capped a life of perfect righteousness, which now covers His people. If you trust in Christ alone, you must not regard yourself as God’s enemy any longer, for you are reconciled to the Father in Christ Jesus. View Resource

  • Worthless Egypt Devotional

    Isaiah 30:1–7

    For Judah, trusting in Egypt was foolhardy as well as sinful. Egypt could provide no real help, for it was a shadow of its former self. Poetically, Isaiah describes Egypt as the normally terrifying sea monster Rahab who has been forced to sit still and cannot provide the assistance Judah needs (Isa. 30:7). The lesson for us is relatively obvious. We must not rest our ultimate hope in other people or things but in the Lord Jesus Christ Himself alone. Only He has the power to save. View Resource