• The Incarnation Devotional

    Philippians 2:5–11

    The incarnation is a deep mystery, for we cannot fully understand how God could take on our humanity without giving up any of His deity. We can, however, understand that the incarnation reveals God’s infinite love and grace. He did not leave us alone in our sin but entered into the misery of this fallen world without becoming a sinner Himself in order to rescue us from eternal damnation. We will never tire of thanking and praising Him for this throughout all eternity. View Resource

  • The Gospel of God in History Devotional

    Romans 1:2-4

    Christ’s resurrection was the first phase of His exaltation, that point at which He was set over all creation to rule from His Father’s right hand and bring all of His and our enemies into subjection. Having fulfilled His work as the last Adam, the Lord possessed according to His humanity what He always had according to His divinity, namely, the right to bring all things under God’s dominion. In Christ, we are granted the honor of taking dominion in all spheres of life, to His everlasting glory. View Resource

  • The Messiah’s Mother Devotional

    Luke 1:26–38

    As followers of Christ, we must contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints (Jude 3). Yet in so doing, we must be careful about going to the opposite extreme, for we often commit other errors when we swing the pendulum all the way over to the other side. Our goal is to be faithful to Scripture, seeking to balance truths about God and creation where God balances them and trusting His Word to shape our interpretation of all of life. View Resource

  • Christmas in Time and Space Devotional

    Luke 2:1-7

    The Bible insists that the Son of God entered history at a specific point and remains united to a human nature in the person of Jesus Christ forever. This is radically different from the Hindu concept of incarnation, which says the gods enter history repeatedly in different forms. Moreover, the incarnation of Jesus is inseparably tied to history itself. We must be prepared to defend the historicity of these doctrines and others, as God’s acts in history are fundamental to Christian truth. View Resource

  • The Incarnation of the Son of God Devotional

    Philippians 2:7–8

    Advocates of a kenotic Christology say the Son of God set aside certain divine attributes when He became incarnate. Such is impossible, for then He would not be fully God and could not save us. John Calvin comments, “Christ, indeed, could not divest himself of Godhead; but he kept it concealed for a time, that it might not be seen, under the weakness of the flesh. Hence he laid aside his glory in the view of men, not by lessening it, but by concealing it.” View Resource

  • Cosmic Reconciliation Devotional

    Colossians 1:19-20

    Perhaps an easier way to understand what the Bible says about cosmic reconciliation is to refer to it as cosmic restoration. Though our Lord’s work redeems His people from sin and death, His accomplishment was so great that no aspect of creation can go untouched by what happened on Calvary. At His return, what is now broken in nature will be fixed, the redeemed will be free of evil and pain, and we will have true dominion, all to God’s glory. View Resource

  • Joseph and the Angel Devotional

    Matthew 1:18-25

    Without the incarnation of Christ, we could by no means have any hope in this world. Our merciful God has seen fit not to let His creation languish in the fall but has sent His own Son not only to speak to us but also to become like us in order that we might be rescued from the kingdom of darkness and brought into the kingdom of heaven. We owe everything to Him on account of this grace, and so we must seek to live accordingly. View Resource

  • Born of God Devotional

    1 John 5:1

    The Bible is clear that all who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved (Acts 2:21). All who trust in Jesus Christ alone are true believers, even though disagreement may exist about issues not central to His identity. These issues may include things like the end times, sacraments, and church government. Do you love those who are outside of your denomination? Pray that God would give you a loving heart toward all His people. View Resource

  • Made Like His Brothers Devotional

    Hebrews 2:17

    One of the greatest mysteries of the faith is the Incarnation. How Jesus could be both fully God and fully man at the same time is incomprehensible to us. Though we cannot fully explain it, we know that God knows what it means to be human because He took on our nature in Christ. Praise Him for His merciful service on our behalf. View Resource

  • Our Deliverer Devotional

    Hebrews 2:14–15

    Christians know that Christ has already destroyed the devil and the power of death that he held. Because of this, we know that physical death will one day be eliminated as well. Thank Christ for His victory over the devil and remember that those who follow Christ need not fear death because He has rescued us from it. View Resource

  • Lower Than the Angels Devotional

    Hebrews 2:5–8a

    In His humiliation, Christ fulfilled God’s intent for man to be the perfect ruler of the earth. Christ is highly exalted and will one day enable us to rule with Him. As you go about your daily business, thank God for this humiliation and ask Him to make you a good ruler of your present kingdom in anticipation of the ruler that you will be. View Resource