• Constituting Us Righteous Devotional

    Romans 5:18–19

    The parallels between the imputation of sin and righteousness demonstrate that it is erroneous to believe righteousness is a metaphysical reality that is infused into the believer. John Calvin writes, “The gift of righteousness is not a quality with which God endows us, as some absurdly explain it, but a gratuitous imputation of righteousness.” Righteousness is a legal status based on works, and sinners can only possess it if they are resting in the works of Christ alone. View Resource

  • The Non-Imputation of Sin Devotional

    Romans 4:6–8

    As we will see in due time, the counting or imputation we enjoy in justification is not merely a negative imputation but also a positive one. Dr. Sproul also writes, “The only righteousness we possess is the righteousness of Christ, and we possess it by transfer, by reckoning, by imputation.” We stand before God in Christ; though He knows we have sinned, He does not regard us as unrighteous but as righteous. He gives us eternal life according to Christ’s righteousness, not our own. View Resource

  • Away from God’s Sight Devotional

    Romans 8:3–4

    Sin’s power controls all of those who are in Adam and not united to Christ by faith alone. But when we trust in Jesus, we are not only clothed in righteousness, we are also freed from sin’s dominion. This does not mean we will be sinless before we are glorified, but it does mean that we do not have to let sin reign over us any longer. Because we are in Christ, we can put sin to death and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Savior. View Resource

  • Father Abraham Devotional

    Galatians 3:6–9

    In justification, “our record does not change, but our guilt does” (R.C. Sproul, Faith Alone, p. 96). God does not ignore our sin when He justifies us, and He knows that until we die we will battle sin and even give in to it on occasion. Yet, if we believe, He will not hold our sin against us eternally and will bless us as He did Abraham. John Chrysostom writes: “It is faith above all that produces affinity with Abraham” (Ancient Christian Commentary, NT vol. 8, p. 37). View Resource

  • Our Union with Adam Devotional

    Romans 5:12

    Because Adam did not represent us well, we tend to grumble that God so worked. But we must be careful here, for our salvation is based on the perfect obedience of yet another representative—Christ. Continue to study through the verses to come with a prayerful attitude, asking God to help you grasp what His Word says about His ways. View Resource