• God’s Glory Through Man Devotional

    Genesis 1:26–28

    Although humanity is the crowning jewel of God’s creation, we are not its end goal. Instead, God made all things for His glory, and we glorify Him the most when we reflect His holy character. Because Christians have been born again by the Holy Spirit, we can serve our Creator, albeit imperfectly, and grow in our reflection of the Lord’s holiness. This is a strong motivation to live a holy life, namely, to bring further glory to the name of our great God. View Resource

  • The Nature of Man Devotional

    Genesis 1:26–28

    Our understanding of the fall has inevitable consequences for our view of what human beings are, how wonderful God made us originally, how important it is that we preach the gospel so that sinners can recover the high dignity that has been marred, and so on. But to have a right understanding of sin and the fall, we must have a deep understanding of God’s holiness. Only in contrast to His holiness can we see the depth of sin and thus how glorious the Lord made us to be. View Resource

  • Our Purpose Devotional

    Genesis 1:1-2:3

    If our original purpose is to shine forth God’s image to creation, then the importance of our obedience to His will takes on new significance. When our goodness and mercy align with His standards, we reveal His pure character to the nations. As we pursue justice, we glorify Him as the only just Judge and remind people that they have no choice but to repent and serve Him. It is a great privilege to bear God’s image, so let us do so gladly. View Resource

  • Reflecting His Image Devotional

    Pray this prayer: “Dear God, reveal to me the depth and riches of the nature of Your Son, Jesus.” View Resource