• God Humbles Nebuchadnezzar Devotional

    Daniel 4

    Lest we think that the Lord has changed since Nebuchadnezzar lived thousands of years ago, we must be reminded that God remains about the business of humbling people. From Genesis to Revelation, Scripture commends humility and castigates those who are arrogant and proud, who believe that they are masters of their destiny and achieve greatness solely by their own efforts. May we never think of ourselves more highly than we ought in order that we might enjoy God’s eternal blessing. View Resource

  • Moses Devotional

    Numbers 12:3

    In biblical categories, strength and service go hand in hand. Christian leaders do not seek out others to be their servants; rather, they serve the people who are under them, seeking to help them grow in their gifts and to assist them in doing good work for the kingdom (Mark 10:35–45). This principle applies whether you are an elder in the church, own your own business, serve as a manager, or are leading your own children in the things of God. View Resource

  • Justice, Kindness, and Humility Devotional

    Micah 6:1–8

    Matthew Henry comments, “The legal sacrifices had their virtue from the reference they had to Christ the great propitiation; but otherwise, of themselves, it was impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins.” While people believe that mere sacrifices appease God, they cannot benefit from Jesus’ work. Along with an outward profession, we must have an inner possession of trust in Christ; otherwise, we are not in Him, and if we are not in Him, we cannot be saved. View Resource

  • Depending on the Lord Devotional

    Isaiah 66:1–2

    Christian growth comes as we learn more and more what it means to depend absolutely on God. Our Lord, since He is a jealous God, will not put up with His people not depending fully on Him. Thus, He will remove the idols from our lives, proving that it is futile to rely absolutely on anyone else but Him. This can be a trying process for us, as it often involves suffering. But in our suffering, we learn what it means to rely on the Lord truly and fully. View Resource

  • Blessed are the Meek Devotional

    Matthew 5:5

    Dr. Sproul notes that all of us, no matter our position, have some kind of authority over other creatures — even if it is just over a pet. No matter the degree of authority we possess, the arrogant, selfish exercise of such authority for our own benefit alone is the antithesis of meekness, and it is unbecoming to Christ’s followers. Let us reject all such uses of our power and authority and lead with meekness even when it is costly to us. View Resource

  • Christian Humility Devotional

    Philippians 2:3–4

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage, explaining that we can put others before ourselves more easily when we are “severe with our own faults and charitable in our judgment of others.” If we assume the best of other people in the church, we will find ourselves more readily surrendering our own rights in order to serve them. If we assume the worst, we will find it nearly impossible to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ. View Resource

  • Remembering the Past Devotional

    Ephesians 2:11

    Paul reminds the Gentiles of their desperate situation before Christ came and shows them that they have no reason to look down upon the Jews. We, too, should remember how far off we were from God before Jesus so that we never haughtily look down upon those who do not know the Savior. We are not inherently better than those who are outside the covenant community, but have as much need of the gospel as they do. View Resource

  • Humility and Exaltation Devotional

    Matthew 23:5–12

    Matthew Henry comments, “It is a gracious ambition to covet to be really more holy than others, but it is a proud ambition to covet to appear so. It is good to excel in real piety, but not to exceed in outward shows.” All of us are probably concerned with personal holiness, but are we equally concerned not to show others just how holy we are? Is your service to the church done for God’s eyes or the eyes of other people? View Resource

  • Jockeying for Position Devotional

    Matthew 20:20–23

    One commentator notes that we are asking to suffer when we ask to be useful in the kingdom of heaven. We must therefore also ask for the ability to suffer with Jesus if we want to advance in His kingdom. Matthew Henry writes: “We do not know what we ask, when we ask for the glory of wearing the crown and do not ask for grace to bear the cross in our way to it.” Are you asking for grace to withstand suffering as you ask for God’s kingdom to advance? View Resource

  • Kingdom Greatness Devotional

    Matthew 18:1–4

    Matthew Henry writes: “The humblest Christians are the best Christians and most like to Christ, and highest in his favor, and fittest to serve in this world, and enjoy him in another.” Humble believers have an honest assessment of their own abilities and are examples of what it means to have regard for Jesus’ honor, not their own. We will point others to Jesus if we possess these qualities. Consider the humble people you know and imitate them as they imitate Christ. View Resource

  • Joseph’s Humility Devotional

    Genesis 41:14-32

    Each one of us must join with Paul and confess that “by the grace of God I am what I am” (1 Cor. 15:10). The cross of Jesus Christ and the presence of the Spirit crush any thought of self-sufficiency. We have no ability in and of ourselves to minister in this world, and we do all things only by His grace. Consider how often you thank the Lord for His gifts to you. Even if you do not have an opportunity to do so publicly, make sure to recognize His gracious gifts to you. View Resource

  • God’s Olive Tree Devotional

    Romans 11

    Though there are many privileges in being a part of God’s family, we must never become conceited that we trust in Christ while others do not. All of God’s people have been chosen from the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:3–6), but it is not due to our own loveliness. Christians should therefore be the most humble of all people. Think of a non-believing friend and pray earnestly for his salvation. Pray fervently that God would humble you before Him. View Resource

  • He Cares For You Devotional

    1 Peter 5:6–7

    Have you humbled yourself before the mighty hand of God? Are you convinced that He cares about you? Have you entrusted all of your anxieties and cares into His hand, confident that He will take care of you? Take some time today to think of a particular worry you have, perhaps concerning your children, family, job, or any other persistent fears. Commit them to the Lord today and find someone who will point you to Christ whenever you are anxious. View Resource

  • You Who Are Younger Devotional

    1 Peter 5:5

    Are you submissive to the elders in the church? Do you follow their leadership even when they do something you do not like, or do you seek opportunities to undermine their authority? Do you pretend to find sin in all they do so that you do not have to follow them? What about your relationships with others in the church? Do you treat others with humble love or look down upon fellow Christians? Find a way to serve both your elders and others with humility today. View Resource

  • The Path to Exaltation Devotional

    James 4:9–10

    God promises to exalt us one day and make us to reign with Christ (2 Tim. 2:12; Rev. 20:4). However, this exaltation does not come as the result of the exertion of our own power, but results from humility. Only those who submit to God humbly, admitting that He alone has authority over us, will enjoy this exaltation. We submit to this authority by repenting of our sin, all of which seeks to usurp God’s rightful rule over us. Therefore, humble yourself in repentance today. View Resource