• Humanity’s Debased Mind Devotional

    Romans 1:28

    The word for “knowledge” in today’s passage has a practical sense to it. It is the experiential knowledge of the Lord that comes from being in a right relationship to Him. If we do not retain this kind of knowledge, we do not lose our awareness of God’s existence or even of His standards; rather, we lose our ability to fulfill these standards and to reason properly from the nature of the Lord to right ethics. If we do not worship God, we cannot do what is good in His eyes. View Resource

  • Giving up What Is Natural Devotional

    Romans 1:26–27

    Witnessing to our culture about God’s standards for sexuality takes a good deal of wisdom. We must tell people that the Lord has a design for the sexual relationship, which is a privilege for husbands and wives in the context of a lawful marriage. We must also be clear that sexual sin is not unforgivable sin, and that God forgives all those who turn from sexual transgressions. Let us pray that the Lord would give us a bold, true, and compassionate gospel witness on these matters. View Resource

  • Final Greetings for Philemon Devotional

    Philemon 23-25

    We who profess the name of Christ must follow Him even when He gives rules we do not like. People who are tempted to commit homosexual acts may not like the call to turn from these deeds, but if they are to follow Jesus, turn from them they must. We may prefer to gossip, commit adultery, lie, cheat, or steal, but turn from these acts we must if we want to be the Lord’s disciples. God’s Word is our standard, not our likes and dislikes. View Resource