• The Spirit’s Intercession Devotional

    Romans 8:26-27

    John Calvin comments, “Except we are supported by God’s hands, we are soon overwhelmed by innumerable evils…though we are in every respect weak, and various infirmities threaten our fall, there is yet sufficient protection in God’s Spirit to preserve us from falling, and to keep us from being overwhelmed by any mass of evils.” The Creator of the universe prays for us Himself. That should leave us with no doubt that His perfect will for us will always be done. View Resource

  • Divine Illumination Devotional

    1 Corinthians 2:6-16

    Without the Holy Spirit’s work of illumination, we will never understand the Bible in a saving way. Many people read the Bible, know what it teaches, but never believe its message. It is not that they are somehow less intelligent. They do not believe because they have not been granted the ability to do so. We should thank God every day that He has granted us the capacity to trust in His Word, and may we ask Him to illumine our study every time we read it. View Resource

  • The When of Spirit Baptism Devotional

    1 Corinthians 12:13

    The greatest danger of positing a second blessing of the Holy Spirit is its creation of a Christian caste system. It divides the church into Spirit-haves and Spirit-have-nots, separating what God has united. This leads to feelings of superiority and inferiority depending on the group into which we fall, which is contrary to how we are to regard ourselves and others (Phil. 2:5-11). If we are in Christ, we have His Spirit, and we do not need a special experience by which He is conveyed to people. View Resource

  • Baptism of the Holy Spirit Devotional

    Acts 19:1-7

    All Christians are theologians because all believers develop ideas about God that shape who they are and what they do. The only question is whether we are going to be good theologians or bad theologians. Good theologians determine their theology by the Word of God, seeking to be faithful to its teaching and not to make their experiences the determining factor of what is true and false. Let us all strive to be good theologians who learn theology according to God’s Word. View Resource

  • Empowered for Ministry Devotional

    Numbers 11:1-30

    We do not always appreciate the tremendous blessing we have as those who live under the administration of the new covenant. Had we lived under the old covenant, most of us would likely not have been granted a special anointing for ministry. Living under the new covenant, each of us who believes in Christ has been anointed for ministry and given gifts to serve God’s people. We can serve the Lord confidently, knowing that He will use us to advance His kingdom. View Resource

  • The Spirit of Truth Devotional

    John 14:16-17

    In order for us to be rightly related to God, we must know Him, and we cannot know Him if we are not concerned with the truths about Him taught in His Word. This is why believers must be concerned with God’s truth more than anything else. Love for the truth is something that the Holy Spirit must grant us, and hunger for the truth of God’s revelation is one sure sign that the Lord has done His work in us. Do you have a love for God’s truth? View Resource

  • The Third Person of the Trinity Devotional

    Ephesians 4:30

    That the Holy Spirit who dwells within us is God Himself points to the awesome privilege we have as the people of God, but it also points to a solemn responsibility. Although we are forgiven in Christ, the fact that the Spirit is God should heighten our resolve to mortify sin by His power. When we fail to do so, we are offending the Creator of all things, who is gracious indeed but who always wants us to remember the high cost for this grace—the death of the Son. View Resource

  • The Spirit of Adoption Devotional

    Roman 8:14-15

    The Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of adoption, which is a great comfort to us particularly as we fight sin. Outside of Christ, we are in a state of fear. Despite our best efforts to suppress the truth, every sin provokes terror, for we know our end is hell. Once we are in Christ, however, we know God will never kick us out of His family. The Spirit does a sweet work of conviction in Christians. In the midst of bringing repentance for our sin, He assures us that we are still His. View Resource

  • Debtors to the Spirit Devotional

    Romans 8:12-13

    John Murray comments, “The believer’s once-for-all death to the law and to sin does not free him from the necessity of mortifying sin in his members; it makes it necessary and possible for him to do so.” Our efforts to walk in holiness as we follow the Holy Spirit do not save us, but they show that the Lord has saved us. God is preparing us for heaven, and our calling is to serve Him in the power of the Spirit that we will be renewed and readied for the consummation of His kingdom. View Resource

  • The Life-Giving Spirit Devotional

    Romans 8:10-11

    Today’s passage is a good reminder that while our justification in Christ guarantees our salvation, God’s work of salvation will not be completed in us until we enjoy resurrected life in the new heaven and earth. Our Creator is not in the business of saving only our souls; He is redeeming the physical order as well. It, too, was originally very good—and will be so again. In the meantime, because it is being redeemed, we can enjoy the good gifts the Lord gives through the physical order. View Resource

  • The Indwelling Spirit of God Devotional

    Romans 8:9

    Today’s passage helps us to understand that there is no such thing as a Christian who does not possess the Holy Spirit. To belong to Christ Jesus is to possess His Spirit, so if you have rested in Christ alone for salvation, the Holy Spirit does indwell you, and He is at work in your life. Let us remember this always, that we may be confident that the Spirit is working in and through us even when it is hard for us to see or feel it. View Resource

  • The Mind Set on the Flesh Devotional

    Romans 8:7-8

    In his commentary Romans, John Murray says that to be hostile to God “is nothing other than total depravity and ‘cannot please God’ is nothing less than total inability.” On our own, we are so hostile to God that we would have nothing to do with Him. If He were merely to knock at the doors of our hearts, it would not be enough. To save us, He must crash through the door, for we would never invite Him in otherwise. View Resource

  • The Fruit of the Spirit Devotional

    Galatians 5:16–26

    The standard for bearing fruit as we advance in sanctification is not perfection. Scripture tells us we will not walk in perfect holiness until we are glorified, and our need for perfection in order to stand before God unafraid is met in Christ and the imputation of His righteousness to us. But if His righteousness has been imputed to us, then His Spirit is sanctifying us. So, unless we see love, joy, peace, and every other spiritual fruit growing, however fitfully, in our lives, we are not Christians. View Resource

  • The Gifts of the Spirit Devotional

    1 Corinthians 12:12–31

    Today’s passage is an important text on the priesthood of all believers. Paul does not mean to deny the roles of elders, teachers, and other officers in the church; rather, he tells us that every Christian is to be involved in ministry and that all of us have gifts that are indispensable to the well-being of Christ’s body. If we are not using our gifts to edify the body, we are sinning against the body. Let us all look for ways to use our gifts in the service of Christ and His church. View Resource

  • The Paraclete Devotional

    John 15:18–27

    Today we speak of a comforter as one who comes to wipe our tears away and console us. While the Spirit does perform this work, that is not what we mean when we call Him our Comforter. Dr. R.C. Sproul notes that the Latin roots of the term Comforter (cum and forte) mean “with strength,” which accords well with the meaning of paraclete in Greek. The Holy Spirit is no mere shoulder for us to cry on but the sustainer of our faith and courage in the darkest of times. View Resource