• The Demands of Justice and Truth Devotional

    Genesis 2:15–17

    Without a robust doctrine of divine simplicity, we have a God at odds with Himself and One who cannot be trusted. The “gods” of other religions are not as just as they claim to be because they do not pour out infinite wrath on sin. A view of God that exalts and misunderstands His love to such a degree that there is no room for His wrath cannot explain the teaching of Scripture or give us a Lord in whom we can trust unreservedly. Theology matters. View Resource

  • The Enemies of the Cross of Christ Devotional

    Philippians 3:18–19

    Although we are rightly distressed when we see professing Christians pervert the grace of God into an excuse for sin, we should not be surprised that such things happen. After all, if people could glory in their shame while the Apostles walked the earth, they can certainly do so in this post-Apostolic era. But the perversion of God’s grace should be a strong motivation for us to live in holiness in order that others may see what the real gospel produces. View Resource

  • Our Purpose Devotional

    Genesis 1:1-2:3

    If our original purpose is to shine forth God’s image to creation, then the importance of our obedience to His will takes on new significance. When our goodness and mercy align with His standards, we reveal His pure character to the nations. As we pursue justice, we glorify Him as the only just Judge and remind people that they have no choice but to repent and serve Him. It is a great privilege to bear God’s image, so let us do so gladly. View Resource

  • Christ in Our Hearts Devotional

    Ephesians 3:16-17a

    Christ does not wait for us to be perfect before He takes up residence within us, and for that we can rejoice. Yet it is possible to grieve His Spirit by our sin (Eph. 4:30), and so we must ever seek to mortify our sin that we might be a fit dwelling place for Him. For this we need the strength that only God can give us, and with Paul we should seek the Lord’s face daily, that we might be ever conscious of our need for His grace and empowerment. View Resource

  • The Church is Holy Devotional

    1 Corinthians 1:2

    Through the blood of Christ, God sees His church as holy, although He is by no means ignorant of the sin that persists in our lives. Yet this declaration of holiness gives us confidence that we can make real progress in our sanctification. Slowly and consistently, all true Christians are being conformed to the image of Christ. It is the joyful duty of all believers to seek the holiness of the church by endeavoring, with the Spirit’s help, to obey His commands. View Resource

  • Life Before Christ Devotional

    Colossians 3:7-8

    One commentator has said that “we should never confuse being moral with being Christian, but we cannot claim to be Christian if we ignore morality.” An outwardly upright life is not a sure sign that somebody knows Christ, but a life of immoral and sinful indulgence with no evidence of sorrow for sin is a sure sign of an unconverted heart. May we seek, in gratitude for salvation and in the power of the Spirit, to live God-honoring lives. View Resource

  • Putting Sin to Death Devotional

    Colossians 3:5-6

    Understanding that we are already holy in Christ should not be confused with the perfectionism that we often see in other theological traditions. We will not be free from the struggle with sin before we are glorified, but knowing that God sees us as holy in Jesus encourages us to live according to what we already are. It makes us realistic about the sin that remains in our hearts and more eager to purge it by the power of the Spirit. View Resource

  • A Rock Unchanging Devotional

    Deuteronomy 32:4

    At the end of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus offers us only two options. Either we will build our lives on His teaching and survive in that last day or we will build our lives on the sinking sand of men’s opinions and be washed away into eternal destruction (Matt. 7:24–27). Because this sermon is a part of God’s living Word, Jesus presents the same choice to us today. Will we continue to walk in His ways? View Resource

  • Our Everlasting Light Devotional

    Isaiah 60:19-20

    One of the greatest blessings we have to look forward to in Christ is the ability to dwell in a new heaven and earth with Him as our light. On that day, we will no longer stumble but will see clearly and love wholly His will for us. Having been set apart through His blood, we are even now beginning to walk, however imperfectly, in this light as we love God and neighbor, especially our neighbors with whom we gather to worship the Almighty. View Resource

  • Holiness Incarnate Devotional

    John 6:60–69

    Because He is the Holy One of Israel, Jesus can, through the power of His Holy Spirit, make us into His holy people. As we grow older, we should be seeing this work of holiness progress in our lives, as it is displayed in a greater sorrow for sin and deeper reliance on the Lord’s grace to save us from every vestige of wickedness that remains. Turn to Him this day, and He will grant you all of this and more. View Resource

  • God Shows His Holiness Devotional

    Ezekiel 38

    As Christians who seek to follow the Lord in all His ways, we often turn the other cheek and thereby can seem defenseless to the world that wants to take advantage of God’s people. However, our Father is indeed with us and will safeguard us even when we suffer. He will raise us to live in a new heaven and earth where we will be perfected in holiness and kept safe from all harm forever (Rev. 21). View Resource

  • Our Pattern for Holiness Devotional

    Leviticus 19:1–2

    We are often tempted to trivialize God’s demand for holiness and instead look to somebody or something other than God as the standard by which we measure ourselves. Remember, though, that the Lord has pronounced judgment on His image bearers for failing to reflect His holiness. Thanks be to God, He has provided a way to escape this wrath by confessing our failures and turning to the One who sacrificed Himself for our salvation. View Resource

  • Sanctification Demanded Devotional

    Leviticus 10:1–11

    John Calvin, in his commentary on today’s passage, notes how many people might view the Lord’s treatment of Nadab and Abihu as overly harsh. Yet, he writes, “If we reflect how holy a thing God’s worship is, the enormity of the punishment will by no means offend us.” We ignore the prescriptions of God at our peril, so may we be ever aware of what He requires and quick to repent when we rebel against His holy Word. View Resource

  • God’s Fuller Revelation Devotional

    Psalm 68:1–18

    Legalism is the inevitable result when we fail to remember that the cross was the high point of redemptive history, not the covenant ratified at Sinai. As we meditate on the cross, we recall the glory seen in His death and the grace that was extended to us. Consequently, we are reminded of our need to extend grace to others and endeavor not to bind the conscience where God has left it free. Let us show kindness as indiscriminately as God does. View Resource

  • Covenant of Works, Part 1 Devotional

    Genesis 2:15–17

    Fallen people can by no means get God to save them; He redeems according to the good pleasure of His will. Until the day we are fully and finally glorified, however, we who are in Christ are in a position similar to Adam in that we can choose good or evil. As the Holy Spirit works in our lives we will, over time, find ourselves more quick to repent and do what is good. Do you have somebody in your life who is encouraging you to pursue holiness? View Resource