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  • Exile and Restoration Article by David Howard Jr.

    FROM TABLETALK | February 2006

    When the Babylonian army under Nebuchadnezzar finished its work in destroying Jerusalem and carrying off the cream of its citizenry into exile in 586 BC, God’s people faced their greatest crisis ever, both politically and spiritually. This was the land that God had promised centuries earlier to Abraham, and where his descendants had lived for more than eight hundred years. Now it lay “uncovered” (this is the basic meaning of the word exile), its cities and its people brutalized. Abraham’s descendants now lived exiled in a hostile land. The great promises that God had made to David — about a … View Resource

  • The Everlasting Kingdom Article by Robert Rothwell

    FROM TABLETALK | February 2006

    Even though the 2004 U.S. presidential election was not even two years ago, the media is already looking ahead to the 2008 campaign cycle. This reporting can be exasperating, but it is not surprising. In biblical terms, the attention paid to presidential politics seems to reflect our desire, even in a republic, to have one, sovereign ruler. This wish, revealing an innate need for submission to the One whose image we bear, may be unconscious, but it is present nonetheless. The story of Israel’s king is the emphasis of the historical books of the Bible, and this story is told … View Resource

  • Conquest and Settlement Article by Bryan Estelle

    FROM TABLETALK | February 2006

    Deuteronomy is the linchpin to the historical books. Deuteronomy is a covenant document that is the foundational constitutional document of the emerging Israelites. There is an astounding preview of Israel’s history at the end of Deuteronomy (chap. 27–30), which even warns of Israel’s distant exile should she prove unfaithful to her God, but with the added hope of restoration. The early history of the Israelites is illumined against the backdrop of the Mosaic covenant and the covenant of grace. In spite of the sins of Israel, God will make good on his promises to Abraham. The books of Joshua, Judges, … View Resource