• Eternal Punishment Devotional

    Revelation 20

    Many people believe the doctrine of eternal conscious punishment is incompatible with God’s love. However, Jesus Christ—the fullest manifestation of God’s love—spoke more about hell than anyone else. In fact, hell is the inevitable result of God’s love for His own glory and for the love we see between the persons of the Godhead. Each person of the Trinity loves the glory of the other persons so much that He will not tolerate those who impenitently attempt to deface this glory by their sin. View Resource

  • The Point of No Return Devotional

    Luke 16:19–31

    Second Corinthians 6:2b tells us “now is the day of salvation.” If we put off trusting in Christ, like the rich man in Jesus’ parable, we may not have an opportunity to trust Him later on. Today the Savior calls us to repentance and faith. We do not know what tomorrow may bring; our lives may be taken from us in an instant. If you are not a Christian, repent and trust Jesus for your salvation now. If you are a believer, tell a non-believer that today is the day of repentance. View Resource

  • The Great Separation Devotional

    Matthew 25:31–46

    If we must give an account to God for our careless words, then surely we should seek to be more careful with the words we speak to others (Matt. 12:36–37). Knowing that the Lord is just should make us aware of how we live, for God will not overlook any transgression. As believers, we are saved from His wrath, but we still must be thoughtful about our speech (James 3). Consider your words and try to say only those things that are pleasing to God. View Resource

  • Weeping and Gnashing Devotional

    Matthew 25:14–30

    Take some time today to consider the reality of hell. How does its existence affect your life? Do you take it so seriously that you are looking for opportunities to share the Gospel with others so that they might escape its punishment? Spend some time today meditating on the passages selected for further study and ask the Lord to impress their reality upon your heart. Let the knowledge of hell’s existence motivate you to share the Gospel with non-believers. View Resource

  • The Awful Reality of Hell Devotional

    Matthew 13:24-43

    Hell’s primary purpose is to punish sinners. While that does not apply to believers, there are still at least two reasons to study the doctrine. First, the better we grasp the horrors of hell the more we appreciate God’s grace. Second, such an understanding should motivate us to seek the lost. Make that a priority in your life. View Resource