• Glorifying God in Heaven Devotional

    Hebrews 12:18–29

    At issue in the worship wars is not old versus new but God-honoring worship versus irreverence. There are contemporary forms of worship that strive to keep God at the center, and there are traditional forms of worship that fail to take the Lord seriously. The important thing about worship is making sure that it takes God and His weightiness seriously and that it is designed for His people, that they might glorify Him and hear His Word. View Resource

  • Our Glorious Future Devotional

    1 John 3:2

    Christ’s work of salvation is comprehensive, involving not only rescue from the penalty and power of sin but also from sin’s corruption. We who are in Jesus can look forward to the day when even our bodies will be perfected, and the Spirit, who dwells within us now, will be the One to perfect our bodies. On that day, we will be like Jesus, and we are to pattern our lives after His example now in glorious anticipation of that final day. View Resource

  • Our Heavenly Citizenship Devotional

    Philippians 3:20–21

    We are justified by faith alone but not by a faith that is alone. Everyone who believes in Jesus alone for salvation will immediately and inevitably prove this faith through good works of service to God and neighbor (James 2:14–26). These works do not save us, but they prove that the faith that does give us heavenly citizenship is present in our hearts. If we have no desire at all to please God, we do not have faith in His Son. View Resource

  • The Heavenly Host Devotional

    Revelation 4

    What is the highest calling of the Christian? The continual praise of God by the angels in heaven is one of the many depictions in the Bible that emphasize the importance of worship. Praising our Creator in heaven is the highest duty for the believer; indeed, we are exhorted to worship the Lord in all that we do (1 Cor. 10:31). And we should look forward to corporate worship each Sunday, for it is there that we glorify God in the presence of His people and the angels. View Resource

  • No More Tears Devotional

    Revelation 21:1–22:5

    Try to imagine the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. Maybe it is a painting, a landscape, or a person. As wonderful as that image may be, it cannot be compared to the beauty we will see when we gaze on the Lord’s face. May we be like the psalmist and long to see Him above all else (Ps. 27:4). As far as you are able, work to incorporate beauty into your private devotion. Paint a picture to God’s glory or sing a beautiful song to Him. For further study: View Resource

  • Rising from the Dust Devotional

    1 Corinthians 15:35–49

    Unfortunately, many early Christians found it hard to get rid of the Greek philosophical notion that matter is bad while spirit is good. That is not a biblical concept. The earth and all on it, including human beings, was originally “very good” (Gen. 1:31). Our salvation is more than just spiritual, our bodies will also be restored. Acknowledging this fact will help us to be more attuned to satisfying the earthly needs of others in anticipation of the restoration of all things. View Resource

  • Sitting on a Suitcase Devotional

    Philippians 1:18b–26

    When a believer dies, it is natural for the friends and family of the deceased to feel a profound sense of loss. But the deceased, if a Christian, feels no pain since he is ushered immediately into the presence of the Lord (2 Cor. 5:8). Have you come to the place where you understand that death is a great victory for all those who follow Jesus? If you fear death and are a Christian, remember that to live is Christ, but to die is gain. View Resource

  • Thinking of Home Devotional

    John 14:1–3

    “No eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Cor. 2:9). The blessings the Lord has for us when He returns are far greater than anything we can possibly imagine. Our Savior has gone on ahead of us to prepare a place for us, first in heaven and then in the new heavens and earth. Set your mind on your reward today and let it remind you that the treasures of this life are fleeting. View Resource

  • The Point of No Return Devotional

    Luke 16:19–31

    Second Corinthians 6:2b tells us “now is the day of salvation.” If we put off trusting in Christ, like the rich man in Jesus’ parable, we may not have an opportunity to trust Him later on. Today the Savior calls us to repentance and faith. We do not know what tomorrow may bring; our lives may be taken from us in an instant. If you are not a Christian, repent and trust Jesus for your salvation now. If you are a believer, tell a non-believer that today is the day of repentance. View Resource

  • Yielding Its Fruit Devotional

    Revelation 21:1-22:5

    The final destiny God has ordained for all of those in Christ Jesus is not an intangible, spiritual existence, but a resurrected, glorified life in a renewed creation. The earth will not be thrown away but will be restored. As believers, we are required to help make this a reality by the power of the Holy Spirit through obedience to the Great Commission. Thank the Lord that you will reign with Him in the new earth and do what you can to take care of His world even now. View Resource

  • Life After Death Devotional

    John 14:1–4

    It is possible to become so preoccupied with the cares of this world that we forget that our deaths are not the end. The sufferings and travails of life will one day give way to the bliss of heaven for all of those who trust in Jesus. How often do you contemplate the joys of eternal life? Spend some time today meditating on the fact that you will spend eternity with the Father. Let this knowledge motivate you to entrust all you have into His mighty hand. View Resource

  • The Beauties of Heaven Devotional

    Revelation 21

    The greatest aspect of heaven is the presence of God. Our worship should serve as a brief taste of the glories of being in His presence. Remember as you go to public worship this Sunday that you are entering the glorious presence of the High King of the universe. View Resource