• The Father of Canaan Devotional

    Genesis 9:18–23

    Noah shows how even the upright can fall into sin, especially after enduring a trial. Matthew Henry writes, “Sometimes those who, with watchfulness and resolution have, by the grace of God, kept their integrity in the midst of temptation, have, through confidence, and carelessness, and neglect of the grace of God, been surprised into sin, when the hour of temptation has been over.” Be wary after enduring one temptation that you do not give in to another (1 Cor. 10:12). View Resource

  • Noah Went Out Devotional

    Genesis 8:18-19

    In our day, there are many people in Christian churches who confess Christ but have not trusted Him or followed His way. Even some who read this devotional today may not be in the heavenly kingdom. If you have never trusted in Jesus, do so today. If you are a Christian, know that many in your congregation probably do not have true faith. Endeavor to remind others of their need to possess faith as you execute the ministry to which the Lord has called you. View Resource