• God Rescues Ishmael Devotional

    Genesis 21:15–21

    John Chrysostom comments: “The grace of God is the greatest security and the most impregnable fortification” (Homilies on Genesis 46.7–8). Though all outward circumstances might testify otherwise, the Lord’s people know that He is their rock and will sustain them through death for an eternal, resurrected life. Are you facing a losing battle this day? Look to God to sustain you and know that though storms may blow, you will be safe for eternity in His arms. View Resource

  • Ishmael Cast Out Devotional

    Genesis 21:8–14

    The removal of Ishmael proves God is continually working to advance His kingdom and remove the threats to His people. Sometimes the advance of His reign requires that He protect us. Other times we may have to suffer and hope in our final rescue in order that the knowledge of the Lord may increase. Consider the many ways God may be protecting you while you drive or go about your business. Thank Him for promising eternal safety to His people. View Resource

  • This Time Next Year Devotional

    Genesis 17:20–21

    We are reminded that salvation is wholly from God when we see the many miraculous births in Scripture. Of course, the preeminent example of this is Jesus’ nativity, as He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. This same Spirit is given to all who believe on Christ to empower them to live unto holiness (1 Cor. 12:13). If you are a Christian, be encouraged that the One who has saved you is the One who empowers you to serve Him. View Resource

  • Through Promise Devotional

    Galatians 4:21–31

    John Calvin says Paul “is not inconsistent with the true and literal meaning; when a comparison was drawn between the Church and the family of Abraham. As the house of Abraham was then a true Church…the principal and most memorable events which happened in it are so many types to us.” All of us are tempted to think we are right with God because we are doing “better than the next person.” But our Father forgives us only on account of His Son, Jesus. View Resource

  • The LORD Has Listened Devotional

    Genesis 16:11–12

    Terrorism and Islamic jihad can make it hard for Western Christians to look upon the children of Ishmael with love. Yet as the Lord will redeem people from every tribe and tongue (Rev. 7:9–10), it is incumbent upon the church to pray for and reach out to the Arab world (see also Matt. 5:43–48). Take time today to pray for a predominantly Muslim country that the Gospel will prevail in its land, and consider giving time and money for missions to that nation. View Resource

  • The Angel of the LORD Devotional

    Genesis 16:7–10

    John Calvin comments, “We are here taught with what clemency the Lord acts towards his own people, although they have deserved severe punishment.” Hagar was proud, and she suffered the consequences, yet God did not forget her. Likewise, we too may suffer the results of our sin, but that does not mean the Lord has abandoned us. Whether or not we are being disciplined by God today, we are to turn to Him in faith, for He longs to comfort His people. View Resource

  • In Your Power Devotional

    Genesis 16:4–6

    Pride, blame shifting, and passivity are generally some of the first responses a sinner wants to make when dealing with the consequences of transgression. Yet as we have seen, none of these helps; in fact, they only aggravate the situation and render us even more guilty before God. Is there a situation for which you are to blame and yet refuse to admit culpability? Own up to your part in it today, even if no one else is willing to do so. View Resource

  • Sarai Took Hagar Devotional

    Genesis 16:2–3

    Our enemy is cunning and will often try and deceive us through those closest to us. Therefore, as John Calvin comments, “We must be on our guard against his wiles; lest by any means he should undermine us.” Consider whether you are using your relationship with another person to convince him to do something he should not be doing. Be careful not to let another close to you convince you to do something God forbids. View Resource