• The First Announcement of the Gospel Devotional

    Genesis 3:14–15

    In Christ, our final defeat of Satan is assured, for Christ has already dealt the crushing blow. Satan’s condition is terminal, and there is no chance that he will see victory. Yet just as the devil bruised Jesus on the cross, so he will endeavor to bruise us until he is cast into the lake of fire on that final day. Knowing this, we can prepare ourselves now to be faithful in suffering, looking to the Founder and Perfecter of our faith so that we will persevere when Satan attacks (Heb. 12:1–2). View Resource

  • God’s Wisdom in the Gospel Devotional

    Romans 16:27

    Take some time today to reflect on the gospel—the message that Christ lived and died to cover your sins with His righteousness, cleanse you from sin by His blood, and give you peace with God. By faith alone in Christ alone, apart from any good works you might do, you enjoy the benefits of what Jesus has done. This is the gospel of grace, our only hope in life and death, and it reveals the sovereign majesty, holiness, and mercy of the Lord. View Resource