• When Good and Evil are Confused Devotional

    Isaiah 5:8-30

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage: “If a woe is here pronounced even on private individuals, when they say of evil that it is good, and of good that it is evil, how much more on those who have been raised to any elevated, rank, and discharge a public office, whose duty it is to defend what is right and honorable!” Those who hold positions of leadership are tasked particularly with promoting what is right and good. God’s people must hold leaders accountable when they endorse evil. View Resource

  • God’s Almighty Power Devotional

    Romans 8:31–32

    Dr. R.C. Sproul comments on today’s passage: “Paul is not suggesting that if God is for us, nobody will ever stand to oppose us. The import of his declaration is simple: all the human opposition that rises against us is meaningless in the final analysis, because all the opposition in the world cannot overthrow the glory that God has laid up for His saints from the foundation of the world” (Romans, p. 293). We will face trials in this life, but they cannot finally defeat us if the Lord is on our side. View Resource

  • The Goodness of Our Father Devotional

    Matthew 7:7–11

    Even the most compassionate earthly fathers are far less than our God. Matthew Henry writes, “All the compassions of all the tender fathers in the world compared with the tender mercies of our God, would be but as a candle to the sun, or a drop to the ocean.” We must trust that our good Father in heaven will not withhold anything good from us but will bless us in all things. We show this when we are not afraid to ask Him for what we want and need. View Resource

  • Getting Angry at our Enemies Devotional

    Proverbs 25:21–22

    When Scripture speaks of doing good to our enemies, it is focusing on the common, everyday interactions that we have with other people. This teaching is less applicable in cases of physical violence or wars between nations, although even seeking justice is a form of love and kindness in that it may keep an offender from sinning even further. In any case, we should love those who hate us, pray for them, and seek their well-being. View Resource

  • The Gifts God Gives Devotional

    James 1:12–18

    James focuses here on one excuse we may use to rationalize our sin. We are not only practiced sinners but practiced rationalizers. We do not hesitate to blame our environment or genetics or the sovereignty of God. Some even claim, “The devil made me do it.” Take responsibility for your sin. Only then can you truly repent. View Resource

  • Discerning the Good Devotional

    Philippians 4:8–9

    Paul’s exhortation to think on what is good, excellent, and beautiful in the culture around us suggests that withdrawal into a Christian ghetto is not the way to witness to Jesus in this world. We are to live in a manner that is distinct from the world, but we are not to be separatistic in that we are allowed to enjoy only self-consciously Christian authors, musicians, artists, and so forth. If it is true and beautiful, it is worth thinking on, no matter its source. View Resource

  • Goodness and Faith Devotional

    Psalm 37:3

    What motivates you to do good works? Are you serving your neighbor solely out of a desire to please the Lord, or are you doing so just because it makes you feel good? Perhaps you just enjoy the recognition that comes when others see you obeying the law of God? Take some time to ask yourself what drives you to do good deeds. In prayer ask God to purify your motivations and then be careful about doing things simply for the sake of earthly recognition. View Resource

  • The Motive of Grace Devotional

    Romans 5:21

    Boice notes that some see the rescue of Christians from hell as an insignificant motive for God’s grace. Scripture, however, is not ashamed to show us God’s zeal to accomplish our salvation. We are important to Him; therefore, how important should He be to us? Take time today to thank God for His gracious gift of eternal life. View Resource

  • Goodness and Faith Devotional

    2 Peter 1:1-11

    What are some practical steps you can take to increase your knowledge and appreciation of beauty expressed through great music and art? What about a class on these subjects in your church? If your church is not interested, what can you as a Christian individual do? View Resource