• Meeting Paul’s Need Devotional

    Philippians 4:10–12

    God gives us friends in the church to help build us up and so that we might support one another in all our needs. Of course, only Christ fulfills all our needs in an ultimate sense, but He does work through human means to sustain us and to remind us that we are sufficient only in Him. Thus, we should be forging close bonds with other believers that we might bless them and be blessed in return. View Resource

  • The Return of Epaphroditus Devotional

    Philippians 2:25–26

    The depth of Epaphroditus’ love for his brothers and sisters in Christ is seen in that his chief worry was not about his own health but that his fellow believers would not have to suffer too much emotional pain in their concern for him. This indicates a profoundly selfless orientation, and it is something that we should be praying daily for the Holy Spirit to develop in us. Let us, by this same Spirit, seek to cultivate the virtue of Christian selflessness. View Resource

  • Paul’s Commendation of Timothy Devotional

    Philippians 2:19-20

    Paul’s sending of Timothy illustrates his great love for his congregation and is an example that Christian leaders will especially want to follow. It is good to appoint and send others on one’s behalf to help those under one’s charge if that will help meet the need for pastoral care. Commending these helpers also aids the recipients in fully understanding the benefits they will be receiving from the assistance of these delegates. View Resource

  • Paul’s Love for His Audience Devotional

    Philippians 2:17–18

    Our love for those who minister to us should be part of what motivates our obedience to the Lord. As we grow in holiness, we help to show our pastors, Sunday school teachers, and other church leaders that their labor has not been in vain. Thus, our pursuit of conformity to Christ’s image is a tangible way that we can fulfill the command to love one another, especially those who lead us in the faith (John 13:34). View Resource

  • Paul’s Love for the Philippians Devotional

    Philippians 1:7–8

    In many ways, it is easier to pray or to give to various churches and ministries instead of doing both. How often do we pray for other believers and gospel defenders without responding to their need for financial support? How often do we write a check and then promptly forget to pray regularly for those to whom we give. Let us do both, as we are able, thereby showing our love for others and our wholesale reliance on the grace of God. View Resource

  • The Church Universal Devotional

    Hebrews 12:18-24

    Our great God has united us to Christ by His Spirit and has given us fellowship with every believer throughout the world. Praying regularly for the church in other places is a great way to evidence this fellowship and help develop a great love for Christians in other places. Let us take time each week to pray for Christians in other countries, asking the Lord to bless them and to help them take the gospel to their neighbors. View Resource

  • Walk in the Light Devotional

    1 John 1:6–7

    Tomorrow we will see that walking in the light is not equal to sinless perfection. Rather, as John Calvin explains, “he who in sincerity of heart spends his life, yea, every part of it, in the fear and service of God, and faithfully worships him, walks in the light, for he keeps the right way, though he may in many things offend and sigh under the burden of the flesh.” Ask the Lord to make you walk in the light and then practice holiness where you have not done so before. View Resource

  • Exhort One Another Devotional

    Hebrews 3:13

    It is very easy to go to church and yet never receive the encouragement we need from other believers. In order to effectively encourage one another, we must be willing to confess our sins to one another and hear the sins of others. Find a group of believers with whom you can share your struggles and to whom you can give encouragement. View Resource

  • Snapshot of the Early Church Devotional

    Acts 2:42-3:26

    Here are four dimensions of the church. The early believers were excited about and practiced all four, and the leaders responded to their excitement. How does your church measure up in these four dimensions? What can you do, without being quarrelsome or cantankerous, to help upgrade your local church in these areas? View Resource