• The Goodness of Our Father Devotional

    Matthew 7:7–11

    Even the most compassionate earthly fathers are far less than our God. Matthew Henry writes, “All the compassions of all the tender fathers in the world compared with the tender mercies of our God, would be but as a candle to the sun, or a drop to the ocean.” We must trust that our good Father in heaven will not withhold anything good from us but will bless us in all things. We show this when we are not afraid to ask Him for what we want and need. View Resource

  • God Our Father Devotional

    Galatians 4:1-7

    In the first-century Mediterranean world, adoption meant that a father could not disown his son or treat him any less than his natural-born son. By analogy, this great truth applies to God and His children—all those who trust in Christ alone are the beneficiaries of an abundant inheritance that cannot be lost (Deut. 21:15–17; Gal. 3:29). It is comforting indeed to know that we are God’s children in Christ and that He will never reject those who hope in Him. View Resource

  • God our Father Devotional

    Matthew 7:7–11

    The comfort of the gospel is not in that we are born children of God but in that God, seeing that all people are children of the Devil, nevertheless chooses to adopt a portion of humanity as His children in Christ. It is a distinct privilege to call God “Father” and know that He looks over the well-being of His people. Let us never cheapen that grace by assuming that He is Father in the same way to all people, even those who hate Him. View Resource